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If you need a compact tool for reviewing and editing images or are pressed for space and weight while traveling, an iPad can be a great solution. Available in a variety of sizes, photographers of all walks are sure to find a model that meets their space constraints. At the same time, iPads now pack enough power to fulfill the role that a laptop once played or provide an initial look-and-edit before moving images to a workstation for final output.

For photographers, an iPad makes a great everyday companion as a powerful and beautiful alternative to a bulky laptop. It is also fast and intuitive, allowing you to show off your portfolio without having to haul around delicate prints or expensive books. It can be integrated into workflows for fast previewing and editing of photos or as part of a wireless setup, where a client can see your images without having to hover over your shoulder. Camera and lighting connectivity apps are available for direct linking to a camera to control shooting or as a tool in studio.

Apple’s iPad Pro offers an ample 12.9" Retina touchscreen with 5.6 million pixels. This makes viewing and editing your images an enjoyable experience, leveraging many technologies to create uniform, high-contrast images with accurate colors. An incredibly efficient device, it provides up to 10 hours of battery life.

Underneath the display, Apple has updated its Multi-Touch system for additional precision and responsiveness—just what photographers need as they retouch their images and make adjustments. Additionally, it supports the Apple Pencil for even finer detail.

The most powerful iPad available today, with a fast processor and updated memory controls, the iPad Pro uses a new graphics engine to ensure each photograph you load will wow as much as the last, and your apps run smoothly.

Of course, a device is nothing without applications to run on it. With Apple’s App Store and a plethora of developers working on professional-level apps, photographers will have all of the tools they need to create beautiful images. This includes Adobe, which is releasing the Photoshop Fix app, which supports up to 50-megapixel images and provides excellent retouching tools and editing capabilities that are unmatched on a tablet.

The iPad Pro welcomes a couple of smart accessories that will take your productivity to new levels. The beautifully designed Apple Pencil, Apple’s evolution of the stylus, offers creatives a precise tool for making edits or retouching, much like a graphics tablet. Working with the Multi-Touch display, users will have the ability to apply different levels of pressure and shading through the Pencil’s array of sensors. The Smart Keyboard provides a physical interface for photographers who need to keep up with emails or take notes for their next shoot. This keyboard also works as a stand for hands-free viewing and interfaces with the iPad using the Smart Connector, which utilizes the two-way conductive fabric of the Smart Keyboard.

With the iPad Air 2, Apple has crafted a beautiful 9.7" tablet with a Retina display and advanced Multi-Touch functionality. This provides users with a large canvas on which to check images and make edits, while keeping a much smaller form factor than that of a laptop. The iPad Air 2 is also an ideal companion for photographers, thanks to a plethora of apps and accessories already available for its size.

Offering the smallest fully featured Multi-Touch display in Apple's lineup is the iPad Mini 4, with an impressive 7.9" Retina display that will show off your images in all their glory. Its size makes it an easy addition to an everyday bag. It uses its own system-on-a-chip architecture to produce vivid colors and handle apps with ease.

With two basic options, storage capacity and cellular networking, photographers will benefit greatly from upgraded storage, being able to save numerous photographs in full resolution without needing to unload every other day. For photographers constantly on the move who need to upload images or send emails to clients, 4G LTE connectivity will let them access the Internet from nearly anywhere there is cellular service. If you don’t need this, Wi-Fi only versions are available for working in your home or studio.

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What iPad stand/holder do you use on the pic? Does that fit with iPad Pro  9.7?

For the iPad Pro 9.7", the Joby GripTight PRO Tablet Mount would be recommended. There are also a variety of mounting options available here