Save Storage Space with Camera Wraps and Inserts


Photographers packing for an upcoming trip can save valuable storage space by forgoing camera bags, packs, and cases in favor of less bulky wraps and inserts. For example, a traveler could pack some photo gear with protective wraps into an everyday bag or backpack that is also loaded with personal items. Or, inside a piece of checked luggage could be a camera insert packed with photo or general-purpose items. Fortunately, B&H stocks a huge selection of wraps and inserts for your next journey.

Wraps are available in many sizes, to accommodate everything from a small lens or accessory, up to a pro DSLR camera body. Conforming to a variety of shapes, constructed from padded nylon, and sporting touch-fastening fabric for easy closure, Domke wraps are a favorite of discriminating shooters. Stylish photographers in search of a bit of flare will love the pink and camouflage wrappers, from Japan Hobby.

Domke 15x15" Color Coded Protective Wrap

Flexible, padded, fitted inserts are available with many useful features—from adjustable dividers and sporting pockets to lids and more. On reaching your destination, the insert can be placed inside the everyday bag, transforming it into a nondescript camera bag. Another option would be to attach a shoulder strap to the insert, load with camera gear, and use the everyday bag for day trips. Versatility, reduced weight, and optimizing storage space would be the result.

Tenba BYOB Camera Inserts are among the best options in this category, and come in numerous sizes and colors such as camo, plum, and gray. Made from high-visibility yellow fabric, with a sturdy drawstring closure and strong enough to stand upright, Ape Case Cubeze are easy on the eyes and well made. Fans of English craftsmanship and form-following-function design will gravitate to the splendid inserts offered by Billingham. And because variety is the spice of travel packing, take a moment to peruse Domke inserts and Lowepro camera pouches.

Billingham Large Hadley Insert

Going into a wet environment such as a beach or boat, there are even dry inserts available. You could also just pick up a tough camera and toss that wherever you may please. And, if you just want to toss your camera into any old bag without any thought, there are the basic camera skins available. So, the next time you pack for a trip, don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons of carrying less with space-saving wraps, inserts, and other protective gear.

Aquapac PackDivider Drysack

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I have found that using the foot part of a cheap sock is great for protectiong lenses flashes etc. They can also be bunched together to make a bean bag camera support in an emergency. Have fun.