Selfie Sticks: A B&H Buying Guide


Whether you hate ’em or love ’em, there is no getting around ’em—literally. I have been bonked on the head by a selfie stick on the busy streets of New York, while skiing, and even in the confines of a major arena during a basketball game. Let’s add to their numbers on the street with a convenient buying guide to the best and the rest.

First, selfie sticks are not all that new—they have been around in some form since the 1990s and are basically an inverted monopod with a handle. But with the growth of the smartphone camera and the apparent need to document all that we do, the selfie stick has become a common sight throughout the photo-taking world. Truthfully, selfie sticks don’t have to be “all about you;” they are practical tools to be used for high- or low-angle shooting and can double as monopods or even hiking sticks.

GoPole Evo 14-24" Floating Extension Pole for GoPro HERO Cameras

But what differentiates one selfie stick from another? Generally, not too much, and that is part of the reason for their abundance. The best way to distinguish one from the other and to determine what will work for your needs is to think about these five characteristics: Camera Compatibility and Mounts; Length (folded length and total reach); Strength (build quality and load capacity); Remote Control Capability; and finally, Specialized Purposes or Accessories, such as mirrors, secondary mounts, or even underwater capability.

Mounts and Camera Compatibility

Nothing about a selfie stick really matters if it won’t hold your camera, but fortunately, most available models offer the versatility to mount any compact camera with a ¼"-20 tripod thread, and there are many models with mounts for smartphones and GoPro cameras. Long zoom point-and-shoots, larger mirrorless, and DSLR cameras are generally not a match for selfie sticks, because they are simply too heavy.

Sticks that are dedicated for smartphones or provide smartphone brackets include the very versatile Adjustable Selfie Stick from Revo, which features a GoPro mount but includes a ¼"-20 mount for point-and-shoot cameras up to 2 lb, and a phone mount that opens from 2 to 3". Its pole extends to 37" in four sections and the sections twist to lock firmly in place. It also has a ¼"-20 mount on the bottom of the stick, for additional placement.

Revo Adjustable Selfie-Stick (11-37")

Smartphone Selfie Sticks with Remote Control

Most selfie sticks that are designed for smartphones include some form of remote shutter control to trigger your shot from the handle. There are some that offer a free app to make the connection between phone and handle, others use an onboard cable, and still others that use Bluetooth technology to fire your camera from the handle.

Revo makes the Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Bluetooth connectivity that extends to 28" and fits devices up to 3" wide. The Dot Line Smartphone Selfie Extension with Bluetooth Shutter Release similarly offers Bluetooth remote control from iPhones and Android devices. The phone mount stretches to a wide 4" and the pole itself reaches 35". Its built-in battery is charged via a mini-USB port. It is available with rubberized grips in black or pink. iBower offers its Wireless Smartphone Selfie Pod with Bluetooth technology and an integrated mount for smartphones. It is listed as only compatible with iPhone 6 and later. Also from iBower is the High-Impact Selfie Stick for iOS and Android, which is a durable stick that reaches 40" and features a 180° vertical and 360° horizontal swivel. It comes with adapters for smartphones, GoPro, and a ¼"-20 mount. The Me-Shot Deluxe 2.0 Extension Poles with Bluetooth Remote from XSORIES, are marketed for smartphones, but also have a 1/4"-20 mount for small cameras weighing less than 14 oz. The smartphone clamp seems very durable and the sticks come with a separate remote control unit for simplified use and more versatile control. They reach up to 36.6"; each five-section, stainless-steel pole is sturdy with camera attached, and provides a wide loop for carabiners.

Dot Line Smartphone Selfie Extension with Bluetooth Shutter Release

Design is clearly important at iOttie and its MiGO Adjustable Selfie Stick, with its folding cradle, isn’t obviously a selfie stick at first glance. It holds phones up to 3.5" wide, but can also accommodate a GoPro and offers a tripod mount in its handle. Remote control is provided by Bluetooth 3.0 and power for Bluetooth and its LED light comes through a Micro-USB connection.

iOttie MiGO Adjustable Selfie Stick

Selfie Sticks for GoPro Cameras

Several models are available that cater specifically to the action-camera crowd and provide only GoPro mounts, or a GoPro mount in addition to a standard ¼"-20 screw mount. The Pro Pole has very durable and waterproof aluminum construction befitting its intended use with a GoPro. It extends from 13 to 37" and can hold up to 4.4 lb when used handheld, which is plenty strong for even a small DSLR with lens. If used as a monopod, it can hold as much as 7.7 lb. Natively, it offers a ¼"-20 mount on a quick-release plate, but also includes a GoPro HERO mount. It features a built-in mirror for better self-positioning. The Pole Handheld Extendable Camera Mount is the little brother to The Pole Pro and extends to 28.3" in four twist-lock sections. Its maximum load is 1 lb and it provides only a GoPro Mount. Its lightweight, waterproof, and durable build, foam grip, and wrist strap make it the ideal choice for skiers, surfers, and other GoPro users. SP-Gadgets offers the 20" POV Pole and the 37" POV Pole, which both have mounts that fit only GoPro HERO action cameras. The 20" poles collapse to just 8" with a twist-lock design and a sure-grip rubber handle with textured EVA surface, as well as an included wrist strap and carabiner. The 39" Remote Pole has four sections and collapses to 12".

SP-Gadgets POV Pole (20")

GoPro’s own 3-in-1 Mount for GoPro HERO Action Camera has a folding design like no other selfie stick I know of, and a mini tripod is stored in the handgrip for further functionality. The handle itself can be removed completely if you only need stability and not its 20" maximum reach.

GoPro 3-Way

The GoPole Reach 14-40" Extension Pole is also a GoPro dedicated selfie stick with a rubber grip and easy-lock, four-stage reach. It provides a clip to hold a GoPro remote control unit and a ¼"-20 thread on the base of its pole, which can attach it to numerous items including the GoPole Scenelapse 360 Time-Lapse Device for smooth panoramic photos and videos. GoPole also makes cool extension handles for GoPros, including the Grenade Grip Compact Hand Grip and the Bobber Floating Hand Grip, which will keep your GoPro afloat if dropped in water. The GoPole Arm 2-Piece Extension Kit for GoPro HERO Cameras is an adjustable extension pole designed to attach to helmets or surfboards, and offers 8 and 16" configurations and a wide range of adjustment angles. It includes three high-torque thumbscrews to keep the camera on tight during wild rides.

GoPole Scenelapse 360 Time-Lapse Device with GoPro Mount

Perhaps the most interesting selfie stick from GoPole is the Evo 14-24" Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras. It’s hard and hollow clear plastic pole enables it to float and helps to keep it invisible when you are shooting a selfie. It provides a removable clip for GoPro remote, as well as a rubber grip and ¼"-20 thread at the bottom.

Designed to keep the pole out of your selfies is the Wizmount CU2pole Telescopic Extension Pole for GoPro. Its lightweight aluminum construction has a 45° bend that helps to prevent the pole from entering your frame. A three-axis GoPro mount assembly offers tilt, pan, and roll adjustments.

Wizmount CU2pole Telescopic Extension Pole for GoPro

An all-around comer that can hold GoPro cameras and point-and-shoots up to 1.5 lb with its removable mounts is the Quik Pod SPORT Extension Pole, which reaches from 15.5 to 39". Its three-section aluminum pole is waterproof and meets the ASTM/ISO standards for saltwater use and locks using levers as opposed to twist-lock. A selfie mirror is built in and it includes a wrist strap, tether, hiking clip, and carry bag.

Quik Pod SPORT Extension Pole

Selfie Sticks for Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Any selfie stick with a ¼"-20 mounting screw can be used to attach a camera if the camera is not too heavy, but there are a few standouts. Nikon has a sturdy model, the N-MP001 Selfie Stick, designed for the more compact members of its COOLPIX family. It reaches to 28.5" and collapses to just 7.3"; it holds cameras up to 0.9 lb and weighs 0.4 lb.

The Quik Pod DSLR/POV ULTRA Extendable Monopod will hold point-and-shoots and DSLR cameras and even has a quick release and a GoPro adapter. It is waterproof, can hold up to 4.4 lb, and is made from hard-anodized aluminum. With an included screw-in rubber foot, it is as much monopod as selfie stick.

Quik Pod DSLR/POV ULTRA Extendable Monopod

From XSORIES comes a wide selection of very strong extension poles with ¼"-20 mount and a ball head for multi-angle shooting. Whether you are interested in the U-Shot Aluminum Extension Pole, which reaches to 19.3", or the Big U-Shot Aluminum Extension Pole that goes to 37" and collapses to 11.4", they both provide a load capacity of 6.6 lb, which will hold quite a big camera, if you consider that the Canon 5D Mark III with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens weighs 5.2 lb. Needless to say, you should check the strength of any selfie stick very carefully before using it with your gear. The XSories U-Shots are available in a range of colors, including Green and Deep Red.

XSORIES Big U-Shot Telescopic Camera Pole

Selfie Sticks with Tripods

The HISY WING Selfie Stick with Tripod serves as a monopod, a selfie stick, and includes a lightweight tripod that attaches to the base via a ¼"-20 thread. A sturdy aluminum build and 45" reach add to its compatibility with most smartphones and all GoPro devices. The multifunctional IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Smartphone Stand with Remote Shutter is a 4-in-1 support for smartphones. It is small enough to serve as a stabilizing handle, but also extends to 17.5" for selfies. The handle opens to become a tabletop tripod and its ball-joint attachment lets you adjust the angle up to 90° and rotate 360°. A Bluetooth remote control is included and has a 33' signal range.

IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Smartphone Stand with Remote Shutter

The Quik Pod Pro Extendable Handheld Boom-Style Tripod not only serves as a selfie stick that can collapse to just 7.5", it is easily converted into a tripod using the included leg adapters. This multi-functional and pocket-able device extends to 18.5" and can hold cameras up to 10.5 oz. It features a ¼"-20 mount and a mirror for self-positioning.

The Long and Short of It

A selfie stick’s primary purpose is to get your camera out and away from you just enough to include you, your friends and a degree of your background in a pleasing portrait, and most selfie sticks extend to approximately 35", which is more than enough length to complete such a task. Others max out at 19" and fold a bit smaller for pocket-ability, but there are some that push the limit in terms of their extended reach or compactness when folded.

The veho MUVI VCC-A028-LMP Extra-Long Extendable Monopod reaches to 57" and is designed for use with action cams. A swivel head, ergonomic rubber grip, and wrist strap are ideal for comfortable capture of “adventure moments” and a ¼"-20 mount enables use with MUVI and other action cams, as well as regular cameras.

veho MUVI VCC-A028-LMP Extra-Long Extendable Monopod

The Stealth iPole XL from FastCap Tech extends to 109"—that’s 9 feet to you and me—and gives you options that few other selfie sticks can. The flip side is that it only collapses to 41", so it is not great for simple travel and group photos. Its three-section aluminum pole is strong, although at full extension, you need to be sure it can hold and control your camera. It’s locked to length with quick-release flip locks and has a ¼"-20 mounting screw. An optional SuperMount is available to attach smartphones.

FastCap Tech Stealth iPole - XL

YoungBlood makes four extension poles that really push limits, in terms of selfie sticks. They are built strong, with an aluminum inner pole and fiberglass exteriors. They utilize spring-loaded extensions to raise the poles, and brass punch-ins for secure locking. A welded base plate provides the strength to hold heavy gear, and a three-way adjustable locking quick release mount with ¼"-20 is included. The smallest of the four is the HEADS-UP Photo Pole, which runs from 2 to 4'. The LIFTER Photo Pole extends from 4 to 8', the Levitator can be raised from 6 to 12', and the Elevator is a beast that is 8' long and doubles to 16'.

YoungBlood The Elevator Photo Pole


While most selfie sticks will fold down to about 8", there are few out there that collapse even shorter for handy access in your backpack, purse, or even your pocket. The XShot Pro Ultimate Camera Extender is ready for GoPros and compact cameras with a dual mount system. It collapses to 7", extends to 32", and holds gear up to 1.25". Its rubber grip is specially designed for a solid grip in inclement conditions.

XShot Pro Ultimate Camera Extender for GoPro and Compact Digital Cameras

Specialty Sticks

For those with certain applications or just wishing to test the waters of what you can photograph yourself doing, a handful of extension devices are available for particularly smooth shooting, action capture, and underwater use. The FastCap Tech iPole Trekking Pole is a multi-faceted tool that extends your reach from 27 to 53" as a selfie stick, but also can serve as a monopod or a hiking pole. A ¼"-20 screw will attach most compact cameras and it has a flexible, detachable gooseneck mount for easy angle adjustments. An aluminum-alloy build with lever locks and a steel tip is rugged on the trail, and it even has a detachable rubber foot for use as a monopod when indoors, and a snow basket tip for winter use. A cork handle is comfortable when hiking, and absorbs moisture.

FastCap Tech iPole Trekking Pole

The Fat Gecko Kaboom, from Delkin Devices, is a carbon fiber boompole with five interchangeable shafts that can be inserted into one another or removed for customizable extension, from 15 to 60". Its carbon fiber build is, of course, strong and lightweight, as well as waterproof, and certainly ready for hard action. Its ball head has a ¼"-20 male thread and the handle has a ¼"-20 female thread for optional mounting. Stainless-steel pressure buttons lock the sections into place and a rubber handle with wrist strap keeps the pole in your hand. Included with the Kaboom are strong adhesive mounts to attach it to a helmet, as well as safety and closed helmet clips. Two GoPro Adapter mounts are included.

Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Kaboom Boom Arm with Ball Head

The Joby Action Jib Kit and Pole Pack is more than just a stick; it is portable jib system that will allow you to add smooth movements to your self-portraiture. The package includes three 20" aluminum extension poles that screw together, and two adjustable pole clamps. One clamp goes toward the base of the pole, providing a handle to operate a pulley system for tilt control, while the other goes at the end of the pole and features a camera mounting bracket with a 1/4"-20 screw.

Joby Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack

The KNEKT FPSH Functional Pole System Handle with GoPro Adapter is the primary part of a system that enables customizable reach for action cam and standard camera shooting. The handle is floatable and rust proof and extends by adding 12" pole extensions, which can be purchased in packs of two to fit your needs.

Under the Sea

DiCAPac makes the Floating Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Control that is waterproof to 32.8' and provides Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It holds phones, rotates 360°, and provides a ¼"-20 mount that will hold a camera up to 4.4 lb.

DiCAPac Floating Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Control

The SeaLife Aquapod Underwater Monopod offers versatility and a polycarbonate and aluminum design, able to withstand the hardships of underwater use. It can reach to 53" and collapses to 18", but can hold cameras up to 7.7 lb, including all underwater cameras made by SeaLife. Its ¼"-20 mount will, of course, hold other cameras and underwater housing units, and it includes a GoPro mount and quick-release plate, too. A lanyard with belt clip, selfie mirror, and flip-lock extensions round out its feature set. Also, a Mini version is available that holds the same weight but extends from 15.5 to 38" and includes the GoPro adapter.

SeaLife AquaPod Underwater Monopod

Finally, if your photography brings you in or near water but not under it, the sturdy aluminum UKPro Pole 54HDF Floating POV Camera Pole for GoPro floats in fresh and salt water and has a brightly colored handgrip for visibility.

UKPro Pole 54HDF Floating POV Camera Pole for GoPro

What’s your favorite selfie stick? Tell us in the Comments section, below.


Hi B&H - Do you or does anyone know of a cell phone holder (or complete selfie stick) that will accomodate a Samsung S23 Ultra with a wallet case? My phone's thickness is about 0.75" - 1" (depending on how many cards I have in it). I can't find a holder or stick that will comfortably hold my phone where I do not have to worry about it falling out of the holder when using an extended selfie stick. Thank you in advance! ~ Mike

Hi Michael - 

The Samsung S23 Ultra: measures 3.07 x 6.43 x 0.35 inches without a case.  I recommend this versatile and robust smartphone mount:

Ulanzi ST-14 Iron Man III 360° Tripod Smartphone MountB&H # ULIM3MSH :

This mount attaches to a tripod, monopod, selfie stick, grip, and more via a square Arca mount or standard 1/4" threaded connector. An integrated screw expands the clip to accommodate smartphones from 2.6 to 3.9" wide, and this setting can be locked into place. Once attached, undo the screw on the back to take advantage of the ball head mount. Spin and tilt your phone for 360° of movement. An additional 1/4" cold shoe on the top of the mount can handle an LED fill light, external mic, or other accessories.

Use it with:

The Quik Pod DSLR/POV ULTRA Extendable Monopod will hold point-and-shoots and DSLR cameras and even has a quick release and a GoPro adapter. It is waterproof, can hold up to 4.4 lb, and is made from hard-anodized aluminum. With an included screw-in rubber foot, it is as much monopod as selfie stick.

I have a Samsung S9+ with an Otterbox Defender case.  I have tried several selfie sticks and heads that can screw onto a standard tripod or selfie stalk.   None of them have sufficient depth to hold the phone securely.  It seems like the camera depth extremely important, but nobody gives these numbers.  I am not going to put my phone out there in an insecure position and I am not going to expose my camera to hazards by removing the Otterbox, not to mention the time and aggravation that it takes to remove it.  Any of the selfie companies making deeper mounts?  

I will be purchasing a Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 from B & H for my daughter. Does B & H sell a selfie stick capable of wirelessly firing the shutter release?  Thank you.

Hi Steve - 

This camera has no bluetooth capability to pair with available selfie sicks with a remote shutter button.  This camera will work with the Canon Connect smartphone app however, which does offer remote shutter release operation.

What non-battery/non-bluetooth selfie stick would you recommend for a Samsung Galaxy S8+? I want to take it into the backcountry, so it must be reasonably rugget. Thanks!

Hi Gene - 


Capture selfies or high-angle shots with the Revo Adjustable Selfie-Stick. Extendable from 11" to 37" and with a load capacity of 2 lb, this four-section pole is designed to get your action cam, compact point-and-shoot, compact camcorder, or cell phone to the vantage point you need.

The Self-Shooting Pole includes GoPro mount, a 1/4"-20 mounting platform, and a cell phone mount for cameras between 2" to 3" in width. It can be extended by twisting the top section counter-clockwise, adjusting to your desired height, and then twisting clockwise to lock the sections in place.

A foam hand grip adds comfort when shooting, and a wrist strap adds security. The bottom of the pole has a female 1/4"-20 mount for additional versatility.

Im looking for a selfie stick that can hold my samsung s galaxy 7 with case and also for my canon shoot and go camera. Also want it to be bluetooth compatible and have a button on handle to take the pictues. Does this exist?

The Polaroid selfie stick would be your best option.  It can support phones up to 3" wide.  The S7 is 2.7" wide so you'd need to make sure your case isn't wider than 3".  It also has a bluetooth shutter for your phone as well.  Built in is a standard 1/4-20 tripod screw and would work just fine with your Canon point and shoot.…

I am looking for a stick that has the following:

  • For GoPro Hero5
  • Underwater use
  • Has some kind of remote for taking selfies underwater

Does anything like this exist? An added bonus would be if it could hold a TG4 also, or an android out of the water.

Thank you!

We have a selfie stick and I love this, it’s so fun! Boo to people who are negative about it, they’re just for fun ?? and your pictures do look great awesome .


While the information is extremely helpful, I'm not sure which selfie stick would meet all my requirements. I'm looking for a sturdy stick that can accommodate an iPhone 6 Plus preferably with case, has a mirror for rear camera use, A shutter control (wired or Bluetooth), and a zoom control (if possible).  Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks so much! 


The Quik Pod Explorer 3 is a compact extension pole with an adjustable mounting head and rubberized grip that is able to hold smartphones, GoPros, and or compact cameras. It collapses to 9", extends to 39", and can hold a camera weighing up to 16 ounces. It features an angle-adjustable head with a standard 1/4"-20 camera screw for mounting your camera and includes adapters for attaching a GoPro or smartphone, including larger phones such as the iPhone 6+. With your device attached, you can reach out to shoot at odd and higher angles and use it to shoot self portraits and group shots with yourself included. A built-in self-image mirror for easier composition of self-portraits. The pole is made from stainless steel/chrome, is fully waterproof, and meets ASTM/ISO saltwater standards. In addition to GoPro and smartphone adapters, the Explorer 3 comes with a quick-release adapter, silicone tether, waterproof wrist strap, hiking clip, camera tightening tool, and a padded carry bag.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  [email protected]

Hi there! I just bought the Fugetek FT568 on Amazon and I love it!  It meets all the requirements you mentioned, and seems to be made of high quality, durable materials.  It is sturdy enough to mount my DSLR on it as well. It has a few attachments (GoPro and the mirror attachment) and a removable remote with shutter button and zoom buttons.  Might be just what you are looking for.

A very thorough article, but I think it needs a comparison chart. There's almost too much info to keep straight! A chart showing max/min length, weight, triggering method, maximum camera weight/dimensions and of course price would make a purchase decision much easier. Can you include such a chart to consolidate your excellent research and information into a more actionable presentation? Thanks!

Thanks Tex....leave it to the Lone Star State to come up with such a good idea.  When we revisit this article, I will definitely keep that in mind, there is a lot to digest when talking selfie sticks. Thank you again for the comment.

The reason why you’d want a selfie stick instead of just using your arm is that the stick can extend to a greater distance. This avoids the “head filling the shot” look, and it gives you more control of how much of the background makes it into your image. There’s also composition to consider: An extended arm will be visible in a selfie, but a properly positioned selfie stick won’t. With a little bit of practice, you can get the kinds of shots that might otherwise require you to hand your phone off to a stranger.The first thing you'll probably consider when choosing a selfie stick is arm length, but all of the sticks here fall within the same range, so don't worry too much about that. How the arm works is what's really important. One of the sticks I tested, with a traditional telescopic arm, gave me a nasty little cut while I was collapsing it, making me wary of that design type in general. I prefer telescopic arms that use a twist-and-lock mechanism, which are far less likely to remove a chunk of your finger.

Good point to remember...thanks for the comment Thomas.

Hi;I'm zin.
I wanna know about some problems when I use this selfie stick.I fit my smartphone at the top this stick and click camera buttom on this stick.But smartphone has appeared as cannot camera in this zoom.Why????

Hi Zin -

There's just not enough information for us to help you.  Please let us know which stick and smartphone you are using.  You may want to try re-pairing them also.  If this does not work, drop us an e-mail: 

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  [email protected]

Actually the looq stick does have a 1/4 mount. The cell phone bracket is removable.

Thanks for that information Dylan.

I haven't seen these many selfie sticks in my whole life amazing article

It is a lot of selfie-sticks. Thanks for reading Thomas.


This is an excellent well written selfie stick guide. It really provides lots of useful and detailed information. It's nice to see a store providing such great content. 

So they don't make any of these that would hold a measly little nikon d3200?

Our company have some similar selfie sticks,although i don't understand why people like this tool,maybe it makes their have a longer arm,then find a nice angle :D

Thanks for reading Rachel, I think you got it just right...they extend your reach and offer an inclusive angle for photographing yourself with a group of people and/or within a background context.

Selfies sticks are extremely wonderful monopods that help to take photos beyond the normal area especially made to take group clicks. Selfie sticks came into existence due to enormously growing craze of selfies. Not only teens it is almost compatible to all age group. Thanks for posting such an insightful blog and making knowledgeable about the history of selfie sticks. Yes, due to smartphone cameras only selfie sticks earned great appreciation in the photo-taking world. The guidelines are truly informational. Great post!!! 

Thank you Silvester. It's true, despite the ire that selfie sticks seem to generate in some people, they are very practical, can be used creatively by a creative mind and are certainly only a sidenote to the selfie craze. On a recent trip I took to the Empire State Building Observation Deck, selfie sticks were in use by people of all generations and nationalities and while its true that they should be used carefully and with respect for the location or institution you are visiting, they provide a nice perspective and can be great fun. We tried in our article to present a comprehensive guide to what is available at B&H and hope the options serve your needs.

Hi John - I've been searching for detailed info about this, so I'm glad to hear you've been up there recently. In terms of photography, the Empire State Building website says only that professional cameras and tripods are not allowed, but does not go into more detail. I will be in town shooting a documentary that will include following our group up to the observation deck and I've been agonizing over whether or not I will have to leave my Canon 5D with zoom lens in the hotel that day because it won't be allowed. If so, it would mean I'd have to rely on just an iphone and GoPro for that entire day, which isn't ideal. Do you remember seeing DSLRs up there (with moderately-sized camera bags but nothing big, and no huge telephoto lenses)? It's often hard to predict whether that camera will be considered professional or not. Thanks for any tips! 

It would be recommended to contact them directly to see what kind of gear is specifically allowed. You would be able to do so here:

Andrea, thanks for your response - One would think contacting them would work, but I did that last week and haven't heard anything back. I'm guessing they are overwhelmed with messages.

Tona...Hopefully, I get this to you in time. But goingto the deck of the ESB with a DSLR will be no problem, even with a relatively long lens.  A tripod is another story I would imagine as is the manner in which you film your group.  If your shoot seems organized and/or professional, you may be aksed for your permits, etc, but just having a DSLR should not a problem. 

THANK YOU John! I did get this in time, as I'm leaving tomorrow. Your confirmation is just what I was hoping for. Looking forward to running around the city.

Underwater selfie's using a Selfie Stick Pro sounds cool. :)

Alice....You're so right, wouldn't that be awesome?! Thanks for the comment.

I do not own a "smart phone" but I was always curious about these sticks. Informative and thank you! Oh, and whether or not you realized this John, KUDOS on the Clark W. Griswold reference...."that’s 9 feet to you and me" 

Thank you Richard...and as you know, many of the selfie sticks mentioned in the article are sturdy enough to support traditional cameras as well smartphones. And while I am a fan of the the 'Vacation' movies, I must admit that I'm not familiar with that reference, however, as I repeat that line back to myself, I can easily hear it in Clark's voice.