Tripods & Monopods

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Well-known for its durable camera supports, accessories, and pro video parts, SHAPE has enhanced its product line further with a new line of professional tripod systems. The three new systems provide support for different rig sizes and include the SVT10K 3-stage aluminum tripod with 75mm fluid head that supports up to 22 lb;, the
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Video accessory maker SmallRig has just released a trio of compact V-mount batteries, a Flexible Vlog Tripod Kit, including one with wireless control, a wireless microphone, wireless control handgrips for DJI RS Series gimbals, video accessories for the brand-new Nikon Z30 camera, and some miscellaneous video accessories. Wireless Control Handgrip for DJI RS Series The Flexible Vlog Tripod Kit comes in three variations and is based on a Red Dot Design Award-winning intelligent robot featuring rounded corners on the legs and heads for a
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A few years ago, I published the groundbreaking article 8 Mistakes I Have Made in Photography and How You Can Avoid Them—a mea culpa that exposed me to endless ridicule around the halls of B&H. Well, I am back with another confessional—this time focusing on mistakes I have made in the dark while engaged in night photography. Although I made some of those
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JOBY, long known for its useful and effective handheld support systems, such as the GorillaPod, is diving into the full-size arena with a line of lightweight and easy-to-use tripods and a clever monopod. These “Compact” tools are all built with the needs of on-the-go content creators and vloggers in mind and even pull some inspiration from the
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There are few things as slow and tedious in the photographic world as threading a head on a tripod or a camera on a tripod head—or turning of any threaded screw, for that matter. The process of threading a camera on a tripod has been mostly eliminated by the invention of the quick-release (QR) dovetail plate. Can this concept and functionality be brought forward into the world of the modern creative? The Manfrotto MOVE Ecosystem has done just that. The previous sentence had the word “Ecosystem” in it. MOVE is truly a system of accessories and
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JOBY, maker of the highly portable, highly popular GorillaPod flexible mini-tripod, is back with the new Podzilla tripod line, which is specifically designed to give aspiring content creators a durable and flexible solution for stabilizing their camera or smartphone on the go. Perfect for beginning vloggers, travel photographers, and social media content creators, the Podzilla is available in medium and large sizes, and both come with the Griptight 360 Phone Mount,
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Tripod manufacturer Manfrotto and the word “innovation” are synonymous, since the company is constantly creating products that allow photographers and videographers more versatility when it comes to buttressing gear with tripods and support systems. While some companies focus on upgrading things like twist locks or introducing new tripod leg colors, Manfrotto is busy giving users an entirely new level of interoperability. Its innovative MOVE ecosystem is designed to allow for easy customizing of tripod heads, gimbals, sliders, and more. Along
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Lighter and faster, the Moza Slypod Pro motorized monopod is even easier to carry around than its predecessors, allowing you to create smooth gliding camera moves up to 20" long without needing a dolly or slider. It is available initially as a Master Kit, which includes a mini-tripod and manual pan/tilt head that together allow
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Wildlife and sports may not have a lot in common, but one thing is for sure—you usually can’t get too close to the action when you're photographing either one of them. Generally speaking, when shooting wildlife or sports, photographers use long telephoto zooms, like a 100-
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For years, JOBY has been creating a line of odd-looking but creatively functional tripods like its GorillaPods, which allow photographers to mount their cameras (and smartphones) in places where normal tripods and supports dare not attempt. It is with this history of innovative camera supports that JOBY is entering
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If someone were to ask me what is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way of instantly improving their photography, my answer would be: a tripod. In the quest to make better photographs, we often dream of owning the latest camera body or the most expensive lenses. For many of us, these remain out of reach and impractical. A quality tripod, however, can be had for less than the price of a New York City dinner for two (with drinks) and, because of that, I
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Did you know that the first photograph ever taken was of a landscape? “View from the Window at Le Gras” was captured by Nicéphore Niépce, in 1827. It features a very abstract view from Niépce’s window. Then, in 1839, Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre made history with his image of
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Upping the weight capacity while maintaining the precision and smooth operability it's known for, Gitzo has just released the Ball Head Series 4. This top-end ball head has been redesigned to support loads up to 66 lb, making it a truly solid choice for professional applications involving heavy camera-lens combinations, such as when working with super-telephoto lenses. Beyond just an increased weight limit, the new Series 4 head manages to
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We have probably all seen images in which the photographer has panned with the action—photos where the subject is in fairly sharp focus and the background is blurred due to the motion of the camera. The subjects you might have seen in action panning photos include cars, trucks, airplanes, runners, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Done well, action panning photographs are a pleasure to look at and, believe it or not, action panning is not the most difficult technique to learn with your camera. However, getting great results can be a bit of a