Groundbreaking Women: Lexie Alford, Travel Photographer, Video Creator


According to world traveler Lexie Alford, “A lot of the time women are told that they can’t pursue their dreams because it’s not within our typical stereotypes.”

Through a scope of experience that belies her youth, Alford observed that the most successful people break outside such restrictions, which led her to realize, “If you can pursue what makes you different, and what makes you come alive, that’s how you are going to succeed.”

Recently named the youngest person to travel to every country by the Guinness Book of World Records, Alford had ventured to 196 countries by the age of 21. She currently holds a combined following of approximately 500,000 followers on her social media channels, where she strives to teach her audience best practices when traveling to locations off the beaten path.

Her next big goal is to develop a full travel course to share all she has learned about budget travel and road trip safety with others, especially young women. Alford’s biggest takeaway from her adventures to date has been: “The world is so ready to change its perception of women.”

Immerse yourself in Alford’s travels in our short video interview, below, created for International Women’s Day 2020.

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