Milagros de la Torre: What is Photography?

Milagros del Torre: What is Photography?

What is Photography? 


glimpse, contemplate, behold, study, observe, inspect, review, depict, admire, illuminate, perceive


Milagros de la Torre, artist

Photograph by © Cory Rice

What Is Photography? Let's Find Out!

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Good point Fred, thanks for the comment.   Check Stephen Mayes comment in this series, I think he might tend to agree with you.


I salute painters because from the beginning they don't mix concepts, they don't use the same terms for two different things. There are hand drawing, hand-crafted arts, and there is digital computer based painting. 

Digital photography is a digital computer based art and profession, while Photography is an art and craft.

Why we use digital painting and refrain from using digital photography!?