Women of Influence: Barbara Davidson


Barbara Davidson is a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times. She won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography, and a National Emmy in multimedia storytelling, for her work on innocent victims trapped in the crossfire of deadly gang violence in Los Angeles. Her photographs were part of a staff entry by The Dallas Morning News that won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for breaking-news photography, for coverage of Hurricane Katrina. In 2014, POYi awarded Davidson “Newspaper Photographer of the Year” for the second time, her earlier award bestowed in 2006.

Davidson remains committed to telling intimate stories about the human condition around the globe. She has documented humanitarian crises brought on by war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Israel, and Gaza. She has traveled to some 50 countries on assignment. Davidson also curates the online photography column “reframed” for the Los Angeles Times. She was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.

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Inspiring and important interviews. This sort of content reminds me of why I got into photojournalism 40 years ago, and should remind us all that isn't about the latest and most equipment, but the perennial purpose. They add so much meaning and motivation to my photography ... not just seeking pretty pictures, but pictures with purpose. Thank you!

Great job video team!

As a photojournalist in Israel  (have photographed for the weekly supplement of "Ha'aretz" for over 20 years), I completely identifiy with Barbara. Human interest, human beings in all, were/are always my subject. Listening to her was like she was speaking "out of my mouth..."

I really endure Barbara Davidson's Famous Photography Assignments! How did she get Permission from some different people before doing a Photography Shooting Assignment in both Black and White and of course in Color? I must let all the people find out from me that She is Amazing, Blessed, Honest, and Trustworthy!!!