Women of Influence: Brooke Shaden


Brooke Shaden grew up in Lancaster, PA, and attended Temple University, graduating in 2008 with Bachelor’s degrees in film and English. Launching her photography career in Los Angeles, CA, she began creating self-portraits to have full control over her images. Instead of an autobiographical representation, Shaden places herself within environments she wishes to explore, where fantastic realities are captured, secrets are exposed, impossibilities are tested, and life is questioned in eras beyond our own.

In 2011, Shaden’s work was featured in The Annenberg Space for Photography's “Digital Darkroom” exhibition, which explored the intersection of art and technology. The same year, her image, “Running from Wind" was one of eight photographs selected to inspire the short film Imagin8ion. A popular speaker and workshop instructor for numerous venues, including CreativeLIVE and Photoshop World, Shaden’s work is widely exhibited and published internationally. In 2013, her first book, Inspiration in Photography: Training Your Mind to Make Great Art a Habit, was published by Focal Press. Additionally, Shaden co-hosts The Framed Network's series, “The Concept,” on YouTube with fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, which includes her own feature episode, “The Brooke Shaden Challenge.” You can find her online by clicking here.

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I do endure Brooke Shaden's Photography Work, in which I do love in at this time where she had done some sort of self-portraits of herself including some other Women. Wow! I assume she continues with her Magnificent Work of Self-Portrait Photography. She is One of a Kind!!!

Very unique, inspiring, brave and courageous. Beautiful images.

Extremely creative, but depressing. Appears lonely.

Una maravilla!!!!! Cuanta belleza y delicadeza! Muy femenino pero fuerte. 

I watched some training that Brooke presented for Craetive Live and was impressed with her style. She also realises that her approach of creating props and sets next to no cost is neglected by so many presenters. Her approach to planning a shot concentrating on core concerns such as focus color etc. was helpful.  Keep it up Brooke. You are a hero.

Brooke's craft is trully remarkable, it is the essence of Fine Art!


A fantastic energy, rivalled only by her passion for the work! Thank you, Brooke, for the inspiration,


Listening to and watching Brooke speak you will find your self inspired.  I truely love the work she does.