2019 Rope Strap Roundup


Along with camera bags, camera straps are among the few photography accessories that enable you to make a personal statement. Cameras and lenses are impersonal—scuff marks and scratches aside, your cameras and lenses look like pretty much everybody else’s cameras and lenses. Camera straps are different because they set you apart from everybody else strutting about with a camera slung around their respective necks. Most of us have preferences when it comes to accessorizing our cameras. Some folk prefer narrow straps, others wider straps. Some folk don’t mind strutting around with the boldly branded straps that come with the camera, while others prefer the subtle look of a brand-agnostic strap.

I personally prefer brand-agnostic straps about ½" wide with a textured or otherwise grippy surface that prevents it from sliding off my shoulder every time I blink.

Over the past few years, rope straps have become increasingly popular among photographers, and they are available from a growing number of companies in a variety of textures and colors. Some are round, stiffer, and rope-like, while others are softer, flatter, and woven. Regardless of your personal preferences, there’s an excellent chance you’ll find a rope strap or two that will suit your fancy at B&H.

People like rope straps for varying reasons. Some people prefer the softer, cushier feel of the more pliant rope straps, and the fact they do not have blunt, flat edges, which some people find uncomfortable.

The following is a selection of rope straps available from B&H listed alphabetically by brand.

Artisan & Artist

Some of the plushest rope straps we sell are made by Artisan & Artist. Depending on the model, Artisan & Artist neck, shoulder, and wrist straps which, depending on the model, are available in a choice of black, blue, brown, red, silver, and yellow, are made from silk, woven silk, and/or polyester. To protect the finish of your camera, all Artisan & Artist rope straps feature leather protection flaps. Lengths range from 37 to 47" for neck and shoulder straps and 8" for wrist straps.

Artisan & Artist Silk Cord Camera Strap (left) and Artisan & Artist ACAM-301N V1 Silk Cord Strap (right)

Black Label Bag

The Black Label Bag Silk Cord camera strap is a nifty strap measuring 35.4". It’s made of breathable woven silk and features stainless steel O rings with leather protectors. The Black Label Bag Silk Cord Strap is available in black, white, red, and peat.

Black Label Bag Silk Cord Camera Strap


If you prefer carrying your camera rather than slinging it over your shoulder or neck, DSPTCH manufactures a choice of flat and round-cord wrist straps in a variety of colors and patterns. The two models include the DSPTCH Camera Wrist Strap and the DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap.

DSPTCH Camera Wrist Strap (left) and DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap (right)


Hoodman manufactures two styles of rope straps: one for wearing your camera around your neck or shoulder and the other for tethering your camera to your wrist. The Hoodman Climbing Rope Neckstrap, which is available in red and black, is a rounded, non-adjustable rope strap measuring 0.35" thick and is designed to carry up to a 5-lb load. Padded camera protectors prevent the D-ring camera connectors from scuffing your camera body.

Hoodman Climbing Rope Hand Straps, which are also available in red and black, are notably shorter and slightly thicker (0.4") compared to Hoodman neck straps. Designed for those who prefer to shoot with their cameras slightly closer at hand, Hoodman’s Climbing Rope Hand Straps feature a one-size-fits-all slip-lock design and have the same 5-lb capacity and protected ring connectors as Hoodman’s Climbing Rope Neck straps. Please note: Despite the nomenclature, Hoodman Climbing Rope Straps are not intended for mountain climbing.

Leica (COOPH)

Like the cameras bearing the same name, Leica Rope Straps are made in Germany under the auspices of COOPH, a trendy German photography cooperative. Leica Rope Straps are available in red or blue, and in a choice of two lengths – 39.3 or 49.6". As with other COOPH-related products, Leica Rope Straps are well made and add just the right amount of dash into the mix.

Leica 40" Rope Strap

Osiris & Co

Osiris & Co - The Original Complete Camera Strap System, specializes in braided wrist straps. Consisting of a comfortable woven bracelet with a clip and a strap, Osiris & Co wrist straps are available in silver, red, gray, gold, black, green, and blue, and in a choice of small, medium, and large sizes.

OSIRIS & CO. The Original Complete Camera Strap System


Yosemite is another company that produces a line of well-made rope straps in 41, 44, and 50" lengths. Made from flexible climbing rope, Yosemite rope straps feature brass ring connectors with cowhide leather tips that protect your camera against scuff marks. Billed as being “crease-proof,” Yosemite rope straps are available in a slew of colors including black, blue, brown, gray, green, red, white, and multi-color patterns.

Yosemite 50" Camera Strap

What are your thoughts on rope straps? Have you tried one or already own one? If so, whatcha’ think about it? Leave us a comment.