Cloud Printing with Canon Pixma Printers

In the following video, Larry Becker, from Kelby Media, introduces three new PIXMA all-in-one inkjet printers from Canon: the MG7120, MG6420, and MG5520. This video highlights the PIXMA printers’ impressive wireless functionality, including cloud printing and mobile app support for iOS devices.






In addition to the Wi-Fi features, Becker mentions auto-duplex printing, high-resolution scanning, and streamlined styling as standout refinements that can make these PIXMA printers a welcome addition to the home office or small business.


I want to buy a new printer. Not that my Canon PIXMA MP980 is broken it's because every time I go to use it the thing is out of one color ink or another. It will not even print in black only if one ink cartridge is empty. It uses grey ink which is only available at one place in town. I read that every time you turn it on ink gets used during some head cleaning process whether you print anything or not. It sucks ink just to use it as a simple scanner. If you can afford to keep filling it with ink than great but I hate wasting money like that. Who makes a printer that is user friendly and economical to operate? I get my photos printed at Costco.

Thanks for your review and sharing it with us.

I have very basic question.. I want to buy one of these printer and I am looking for the best quality photo printer out of these three. I was thinking that MG7120 has better quality than any other as it is latest one but again I was not sure about it. In your review also you had mention that all three printers are good for photo printing.. but still I want to know which one is the BEST for photo printing out of these three. Please suggest.


Those are NOT cloud printers. They are network capable printers or Wi-Fi enabled. To be a cloud printer, they would have to be put in a data center that you didn't have access to, which would make them fairly worthless.