Anthem One Reveals Light System with Swappable LEDs


It can be very tough to differentiate an LED light in the ever-crowded market. This didn’t stop Anthem One, however, because its advanced system offers many distinct designs with swappable Anthem Light Cards, making it a very appealing choice for photographers, videographers, and even industrial applications like agriculture. Directly taking on the HMI, the Anthem One LED Light is an obvious choice for photographers and videographers looking to upgrade, because it boasts a lifetime of 50,000 hours with outstanding brightness and color rendering. Users can even swap out the card, depending on the needs of each shoot, whether they need something with daylight color balance, to work with existing interior tungsten lights, or simply the best possible color.

Anthem One Anthem Power AC LED Light

Striking good looks are a good sell when it comes to equipment, and the metal cube of the Anthem One is certainly appealing. It measures 5.5" and weighs 7.6 lb, making it a solid yet relatively compact piece of kit, while neodymium magnets, a 1/4"-20 socket, and dual Kensington slots make it incredibly easy to mount or integrate into your support system. All that is certainly nice, but let’s get into the details that make it a professional lighting tool. The main advantage of the system is the quality of LEDs available in the Anthem Light Cards. The ability to quickly switch out this core part makes the fixture incredibly versatile and extends the lifetime of the product, because after an LED is exhausted, which will take about 50,000 hours before it hits 70% luminosity, you can simply replace it or upgrade to a newer version.

Currently, Anthem One is making six cards available, each with its own unique micro-LED array. The core options for photography and video are going to be the Interior, with 3200K color temperature, 21,000-lumen brightness, and CRI of 92; the Daylight, with 5600K color temperature, 25,000-lumen brightness, and CRI of 92; and the Ultra Color, with a boosted CRI of 98, along with 20,000-lumen brightness, and 4000K color temperature. Alternative cards are available for other applications, including an Ultra Bright with boosted 30,000-lumen brightness, reduced CRI of 72, and daylight-balanced 5600K color temperature; an Agriculture Full Spectrum that outputs 80,000 mW of Photosynthetically Active Radiation in four specific wavelengths to improve growth of many plants; and, finally, a Military Grade IR card that produces 35,000 mW of 940nm infrared light.

Anthem One Anthem Light Card

Each of the Anthem Light Cards, when installed into the Anthem One, will provide uniform color from edge to edge and will remain consistent at any brightness level from 0-100%. Also, slow motion is not a problem because the Anthem One is designed to be flicker free at any shutter speed. Other benefits include support for a DMX breakout box, ensuring maximum support for existing systems and the ability to control multiple units remotely. Tied into this is the simple ability to use multiple fixtures in a single array—they will snap together magnetically, combining output to create a more powerful system. Additionally, the Anthem One is practically silent, with a fan that is inaudible from just 3". The entire system is easily serviced for fast repairs.

Powering up this fixture is quite easy. It only has a draw of, at most, 200W, and comes with a universal power supply for either 110 V or 220 V operation. The Anthem Power supply even has a recessed front lip and neodymium magnets for easy attachment to the Anthem One for storage. If you need more mobility, the Anthem Power Plus features a lithium-ion battery that can keep the Anthem One powered for up to three hours at 100% output. It is possible to pick up an Anthem One with the Anthem Power Plus included. To connect the power supply to the fixture, there are 10, 20, and 30' Anthem Cables available, as well as a standard AC Cable to plug into a standard wall socket.

Anthem One Anthem Power Plus Battery and Power Supply

Accessories are what make and break many systems, so now is the time to take a deeper look at Anthem One’s catalog. First, there are the Anthem Doors, a set of polycarbonate barndoors for more easily controlling light spill, and an Anthem Lens Kit, which comes with Short & Tight Fresnel for a 60° beam angle, a Smooth & Bright Fresnel for a 90° angle with not hot spot, and a 1.5" focusing bezel featuring magnets for quick attachment. For those who want to use other modifiers, the Anthem Speed Mount provides support for Bowens S-mount accessories. A couple of mounting parts will be helpful, including a 3/8"-16 Bushing Adapter, the Anthem Cage to add various 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 sockets along with 15mm rod support, and the articulating Anthem Arm, for more versatile placement of the fixture. And, finally, for transport, the Anthem Backpack will come in handy.

Anthem One 2-Leaf Barndoors for Anthem One LED Light

The Anthem One is certainly an intriguing LED and something that is worth a look if you want a powerful light with excellent color rendering. We are also pleased to announce that B&H Photo is the exclusive retailer for Anthem products at launch. Are you looking forward to seeing what the Anthem One can do? Do you have any questions about this system? Let us know in the Comments section, below!