Creating Moving Images with Time Lapse


In this B&H Event Space video, Canon Explorer of Light Ken Sklute shares all you need to know to create dynamic moving images using time-lapse techniques. No matter where you look today, time-lapse photography is being used to get your attention—reality shows, news programs, movies—across the board, these distinctive visuals add interest while also offering an engaging segue from one scene to the next.

During this in-depth video, Sklute describes the elements of a successful time lapse, while also offering tips on technical aspects, particularly related to nighttime captures. From the size of your card and preferred file type, to the use of manual focus mode, to helpful accessories such as lens hoods, intervalometers, tripods, sliders, and supplemental batteries, Sklute covers all angles. After watching, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the beauty of condensing time and space into a short visual narrative, and a better understanding of how to do it.


For those of us that are deaf or hearing impaired, it would be so nice to have closed captioning available on these BH Event Space videos.

@EA Is possible to have your phone transcribe the audio? (I watch the videos on Apple TV through my iPhone.) Cheers.