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B&H is proud to announce the debut of an exciting new series, Show Us Your Shot. Part DVD extra, part behind-the-scenes masterclass, Show Us Your Shot gives filmmakers an opportunity for their work, to reach a wider audience than just relying their own self-promotion. On this platform you can showcase your filmmaking skills and techniques to our readers and other filmmakers who are already sharing their videos. We update this page with new videos regularly, so check back in to see what's new. All the accepted submissions will be featured here! Interested in submitting your work to be featured? It's really easy.

Deadly Revisions

This weeks featured video by Gregory Blair, pays homage to indie horror filmmakers by creating a disorienting feeling without the budget for CGI, jibs or cranes, but access to an old school, clunky dolly.

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Filmmaker Videos

Show Us Your Shot: Deadly Revisions

In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, Gregory Blair pays homage to indie horror filmmakers, creating a disorienting feeling...

Show Us Your Shot: Lighting Interiors with Daylight

In this segment, Chris Seivard shares with us how he pulled off a professional shoot for a client, using mostly natural...

BTS "Learning to Drive": Low-Tech Solutions Vertical Slider Camera Rig

In Learning to Drive, Director Roderick E. Stevens wanted the camera to drop straight down over the actor, the way it might on...
Show Us Your Shot: Dolly or Zoom?

Show Us Your Shot: Dolly or Zoom?

In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, filmmaker Steven Gladstone shares with us the differences between a dolly and a zoom. He...

BTS of 3:13, A One-Minute Horror Film

From the filmmakers: "3:13 is a one-minute horror short created for Make Long Story Shorts, on Instagram. Inspired by the...

Show Us Your Shot: Creating a Green Screen Effect

The test involved an actor, dressed in a cowboy outfit, lighting up and smoking a cigar. The test was done late in the day,...

Show Us Your Shot: Clickbait

In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, Michael Epstein and Sophia Cacciola share with us their technique for creating a...

Show Us Your Shot: Lift by the Neck Shot

Lifting someone by the neck may look easy in the movies—you just need an actor who is ridiculously strong. But in the real...
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Join the showcase to reach a wider audience, and connect with other filmmakers. We accept videos via Vimeo, Dropbox, or Google Drive so you have plenty of options for submitting. Check out the FAQs and follow the Guidelines, then submit your video. We'll let you know when we receive it, and when it will play on our site. If you have any questions please email them to

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