Sony Lens Adapters

It would be a mistake to talk about E-mount lenses without discussing one of the initial advantages of a mirrorless system: the ability to adapt lenses from other lens mounts. Sony’s imaging heritage includes a vast series of A-mount lenses, meant for its SLR/SLT cameras, which includes plenty of gems. To ensure existing users can easily migrate to mirrorless, as well as provide new mirrorless shooters a way to use legendary A-mount optics, Sony developed its own lens adapters, with the latest being the LA-EA5, that support electronic communication between A-mount lenses and E-mount cameras.

Sony LA-EA5 A-Mount to E-Mount Adapter
Sony LA-EA5 A-Mount to E-Mount Adapter

Having evolved over the years, Sony now offers a selection of lens adapters to suit different cameras and lenses.



+ Wide lens support, including those without internal motor
+ No optical components
+ Support for fast, continuous shooting, AF tracking, Eye AF


- None



+ Translucent mirror with phase-detect AF system
+ Aperture drive mechanism for increased lens support


- Integrated mirror
- Large form factor
- Cannot use camera’s AF system



+ No translucent mirror system
+ Supports AF/AE


- Limited lens support

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