B&H EDU Adds to the Student Experience at Maine Media, Santa Fe Workshops


Yes, there are a number of photography workshops in the world, but few carry the same weight as Maine Media Workshops + College and Santa Fe Workshops—two of the most renowned photographic workshop institutions on the planet. Did you know that B&H Photo has a long-running partnership with MMW and SFW through our EDU Advantage Program (@bheduadvantage) that gives extensive discounts to students and educators of the two programs?

Maine Media Workshops + College

Dating back more than 40 years in the coastal town of Rockport, MMW offers an MFA degree program, certificate programs, and workshops that have guided students from more than 44 different countries to expand their photographic and filmmaking art.

The successful MMW partnership with B&H dates back more than 20 years. MMW Provost Elizabeth Greenberg refers to the partnership with the “B&H Family” and says, “It’s just been incredible. B&H is our primary educational partner and they have been creative in the ways they have supported us over the years. Our students really benefit from our partnership with B&H and the level of cooperation between us.”

Another great aspect of the relationship between MMW and B&H is the annual Friends & Family party that MMW hosts at the B&H SuperStore, before a large international photo show in New York, with great libations, raffle prizes, and socializing.

Santa Fe Workshops

Featuring intensive workshops for photography and writing for more than 30 years, the SFW instructor pool includes top-level professional photographers and Pulitzer Prize winning writers that make SFW the “Leading Experiential Photographic Workshop and Writers Lab” in the US.

Partners with B&H for almost a decade, SFW students also enjoy the benefits of the EDU Advantage program. Reid Callanan, founder and CEO of SFW, says that “the main benefit for our students is that they get introduced to the B&H world and get to engage with other passionate photographers through that connection.”

He adds, “B&H is not just about retail sales; they care about promoting photo education and building a community of photographers. The partnership goes beyond the buying and selling of gear; B&H is there to help our students solve their creative challenges.”

More Than a Retail Partner

Not only does B&H support MMW and SFW students with the EDU Advantage Program, B&H also sends team members to attend the workshops, establish face-to-face relationships with students and staff, and provide on-site support to the workshops.

B&H’s Carmen Rojas is a veteran of workshops at MMW and says, “The workshop experience is an immersive and a constructive one. You are surrounded by very creative and eager students who are engaged and excited about photography. That excitement is contagious!” She adds, “All of the students whom I have had the privilege of assisting and getting to know during those times up there will stay with me always. Maine is an interesting place and the sites that we got to shoot in are visual marvels. Throughout the years of going, it always amazes me how beautiful Maine is.”

Jason Geller from the B&H B2B team has been heading west to Santa Fe as a B&H emissary.

“Photographic technique, taught by veteran commercial/editorial and fine art image makers, is only part of the SFW experience. The true gift lies in the uniqueness of the High Desert landscape waiting to be explored by attendees. The workshop resides on the grounds of a Carmelite monastery at the base of the Sangre de Cristo foothills. It offers a mystical and tranquil atmosphere bathed in the beautiful light for which New Mexico is famous.

"Once settled in, students were guided to beautiful locations, rich with Native American and early Spanish influence. The Eaves Movie Ranch, El Santuario de Chimayo, the Santa Fe National Forest, and the Zuni Pueblo petroglyphs were only a few of the gems we photographed. It was an honor to represent B&H and journey with my classmates to these places that were on their photographic bucket lists for years,” he says.

The B&H EDU Advantage Program

Membership in the B&H EDU Advantage Program, offering discounts on thousands of items from more than 300 manufacturers, is just one benefit of attending a workshop at the prestigious Maine Media Workshop + College and Santa Fe Workshop. Students enjoy learning and photographing with world class instructors at beautiful locations in Maine, New Mexico, and around the world while having the support of a passionate B&H creative community.

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