Groundbreaking Women: Sara Dietschy - Tech YouTuber, Content Creator


Sara Dietschy is an anomaly in the tech space. At first glance, you may see a bubbly social butterfly, but ask her anything about photo, video, computers, or technology, and get ready to be schooled.

From a precocious beginning in her middle school video class to immersing herself in music while gigging with a band, to her status today as a social media influencer and YouTube phenom, Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) has accumulated a massive audience of more than 1 million followers on her combined channels, not just by chance, but by dedicated effort.

While it has traditionally been harder to find female role models in the tech space, Dietschy is a firm believer in the importance of shedding light on women who are out there doing it. “If you see it, you can believe it,” she says. “And you can set your course to that.”

For more of Dietschy’s insights about women in tech, check out our short video interview, below, created for International Women’s Day 2020.

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