Add Creative Lighting to Your Scenes with the Lupo Kickasspanel Full-Color RGBW LED Light


Control an enormous lighting spectrum on your portable camera rig with Lupo’s newest on-camera light, the Kickasspanel RGBW LED panel. At only 7 x 5", the Kickasspanel packs a plethora of features into its compact form, and its high CRI rating of 96 provides accurate color rendering to fit whatever environment your production requires.

Lupo Kickasspanel Full-Color RGBW On-Camera AC/DC LED Panel
Lupo Kickasspanel Full-Color RGBW On-Camera AC/DC LED Panel

The light’s color versatility is thanks to its full RGBW LEDs that allow you to adjust the color output using a wide color temperature spectrum from 2800 to 10,000K in its CCT mode. It also offers controls for hue, magenta/green, saturation, and a variety of color gel presets to match and generate different colors to add creative options to your set. You can define up to five presets of your own, and it includes 48 factory preset color options. Adding lighting effects to your production is always a creative plus and, using the Kickasspanel’s special effects mode, you can create scenes in a disco or party, a fire, pops of annoying paparazzi flashes, sudden lightning flashes, or even mock up a police car rolling up at the scene.

The Kickasspanel also packs a brightness punch at full blast, providing you a bright 2150 lux at a 3.3' distance, and you can also turn down the brightness using the 0 to 100% dimmer to suit your subject. The included diffuser also adds additional softening to the light beam. All the controls and status are shown on the bright, backlit display on the back of the light, allowing you to configure all your settings clearly in the dark.

Powering the Kickasspanel is made easy with the AC barrel power input or by using the integrated L-series battery mount on the back, and its USB Type-C port allows you to charge your installed battery with an optional power adapter. It also allows you to purchase an optional V-mount battery plate to add professional, high-capacity batteries for an even longer-lasting shoot. The tiny light can mount just about anywhere—directly on your camera, on a stand, on a shoulder rig—using the mounting threads on the side and the bottom. A shoe adapter with a ball head is also included for an additional mounting option.

Check out the Kickasspanel and other Lupo lights on the B&H website and let us know, below, how you will be using your Kickasspanel in your production, as well as what you think of its original name.