Announcing DZOFilm VESPID Lenses and Catta Zoom and Ace Cases


DZOFilm rounds out its VESPID and Catta lens collections with exciting new products. Coming to the VESPID T2.1 prime lens line are two new focal lengths for PL-mounts—21mm and 40mm—and an all-inclusive PL-mount 10-Lens Kit for all your shooting needs. A 2-Lens Hard Case for Catta Zoom Lenses and 2-Lens Pelican Hard Case for Catta Ace Lenses are also included in this launch, with custom-cut interior foam to keep your 2-lens kits secure. 

New VESPID PL-Mount Focal Lengths 

Like their fellow VESPID T2.1 lenses, the new 21mm and 40mm PL-mounts are constructed with the independent filmmaker in mind. These lenses are compatible with full-frame cameras and their compact size is appealing for shooting handheld or run-and-gun-style footage. A 16-blade iris creates natural bokeh and subtle highlights. 0.8 MOD rings on the focus and iris controls make the lens compatible with industry-standard follow focus and lens control systems.  

DZOFilm VESPID 21mm (left) and 40mm (right) lenses

DZOFilm has also come out with a 10-lens bundle of its VESPID T2.1 primes, which includes these two new focal lengths, a 16mm T2.8 lens, and a macro 90mm T2.8 lens. These PL-mount lenses in an inclusive kit give you myriad options to fulfill your creative vision in your next film or documentary. An included hard case houses all the lenses in one convenient place. 

DZOFilm VESPID Prime Cine 10-Lens Kit

DZOFilm VESPID Prime Cine 10-Lens Kit

CATTA Zoom and Ace 2-Lens Hard Cases 

DZOFilm didn’t forget about the Catta Zoom and Catta Ace lenses. Fit both of your Zoom and Ace lenses in each hard case and bring them when you're on the go. Their foam interior is custom cut to each lens to keep them safe and secure during transport. The Ace 2-lens case is Pelican brand, ensuring high-quality protection.  

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