Announcing the new Parrot FPV Kit for Disco and BeBop 2 Drones


Hot on the heels of the Disco fixed-wing drone, the Parrot BeBop 2 Drone will now be available with an FPV kit, for those who prefer the multi-rotor flying experience. Consisting of the Cockpitglasses FPV goggles and the new and improved Skycontroller 2 remote control, this FPV kit lets you sit in a virtual pilot’s seat and get a bird’s-eye-view with 720p HD quality.

Skycontroller 2 is a complete design departure from the original Skycontroller. Designed to model a video game console controller, the layout will be familiar to anyone who has played console video games. Two precise joysticks and 8 shortcut buttons, all within easy reach, make for an intuitive flying experience. Using the Skycontroller 2 in place of a smartphone or tablet also increases the control range to 1.2 miles for some serious long-distance flying. An adjustable smartphone/tablet clip holds your monitoring device, if you don’t wish to use the Cockpitglasses.

For the most immersive experience, place your smartphone inside the Cockpitglasses and strap them on. The Cockpitglasses take advantage of your smartphone’s screen and wireless connection capabilities to provide an immersive HD or side-by-side view video feed complete with flight data and overlays. The layered foam and adjustable head straps ensure that the Cockpitglasses fit comfortably, while preventing any distracting light leaks.

Both the BeBop 2 and Disco drones feature 1080p, 3-axis electronically stabilized camera, making them ideal for use with an FPV setup or aerial imaging in general. Furthermore, if you already own a Disco or BeBop 2, the FPV Pack can be purchased separately as a future upgrade. The Skycontroller 2 features an auto-pairing process so you can set it up without the hassle of a complex binding processes.

Whether you’re just getting into drones, or are a more experienced pilot looking to take your casual flying enjoyment to new altitudes, the Parrot FPV kits will have you covered.