Announcing the Powerful, All-in-One Orbiter Light from ARRI


Versatility is the name of the game with ARRI’s new Orbiter LED light fixture series—they’re ultra-bright, directional, and tunable. The impressive versatility of the high-output Orbiters means that each unit can serve as a projection, open face, softbox, or dome light, and can readily adapt to future lamp-head designs. Powered by the ARRI Spectra six-color LED engine, the Orbiters output an ultra-bright beam with a super-wide color gamut ranging from 2000 to 20000K. Features like a built-in color sensor, a weatherproof housing, smooth 100 to 0% dimming, multiple connectors, and gobo compatibility suit the flexible Orbiter luminaires to motion picture and television, broadcast, theater, and live-event applications. Running on ARRI’s powerful LiOS software, individual or multiple units can be controlled using the detachable panel wired to the back of your Orbiter or via your tablet and the Orbiter’s built-in LumenRadio CRMX wireless DMX.

Orbiter Models

The current constellation of Orbiter models includes an Optic-free, a Dome L, 15, 30, and 60° Open Face, and 15, 25, and 35° Projection versions. To tailor your Orbiters to your exact need, ARRI offers a range of open-face and projection optics (lens housings), domes, softboxes, snoots and, of course, barndoors. Optics are quickly and easily attached to the front of the light using the new QLM (quick lighting mount) system, which appears to function with the ease of a giant camera lens mount.

Powerful Color

Inside each Orbiter is the Spectra light engine, with a processor four times faster than ARRI’s SkyPanel series and a whopping 125 times the memory, setting the stage for future function updates. To produce extra-fine full-color tuning, the light engine adds amber, cyan, and lime to the standard red, green, and blue LED colors in its 190-LED array. Capable of creating hard shadows with defined edges, the Orbiter’s engine is 76 times smaller than the ARRI L10 fresnels but has a greater output while drawing the same amount of power.

LiOS (Light Operating System)

Building upon features first introduced with the SkyPanel, the LiOS system also features a simplified DMX mode, more than 240 presets, optics recognition, optimal-performance modes, and multi-language support for worldwide use. Eight different color modes include CCT, HSI, individual color, x/y coordinates, gel, source, matching, and an ambient color sensor.

Full Suite of Sensors

The Orbiter’s integrated suite of sensors includes an ambient color sensor that recreates shifts in color and intensity in your surroundings and features two modes—Continuous and Momentary. Use the Momentary to get an instant measurement of your light levels or switch to Continuous mode to adapt to changing light continuously in an event space, etc. Its 3-axis accelerometer senses the Orbiter's pan, tilt, and roll and that metadata can be used in future applications for placement optimization and effects production. It also includes a magnetometer that offers true global direction, an ambient light sensor that will automatically dim your control panel display, and a heat sensor that ensures safe operation in any temperature.

Durable Build

Built to last, the Orbiters feature an estimated LED lifetime of 50,000 hours, mount on a junior pin, and consume a nominal 400W. They feature an aluminum build with +/- 90° quick-release yokes, a powerful tilt lock, and pan/tilt pole operation on select models. A full suite of connectors includes DMX in, DMX out, two LAN, one USB Type-A 1.5A, one USB Type-A 0.5A, and one USB Type-C 1.5A port plus an SD card slot.

Check out this latest versatile addition to ARRI’s pro lighting lineup on the B&H Photo website and be sure to stop in the B&H SuperStore for all your pro video needs when you’re in New York.