Announcing the Teradek TOF.1 Infrared Laser Range Finder


Please help B&H Photo welcome the newest filmmaking aid from Teradek, the TOF.1 Precision Infrared Range Finder for Teradek RT provides focus information for shots from Macro to distances up to 100' away. Designed to work with the Teradek RT MDR.X receiver, the range finder provides distance information to CTRL.1 or CTRL.3 wireless lens controllers. This allows you to engage autofocus on the lens and let the range-finder information drive your lens focus.

Teradek TOF.1 Infrared Laser Range Finder

The TOF.1 has a working range of up to 100', and it uses Infrared LEDs to project a 3-degree beam, which at 16' creates an invisible 10" detection circle for focus distance. An included laser sight mounts on the TOF.1’s NATO rail allowing you to find the center of the beam, which allows the focus puller to know precisely what is being measured for focus. The TOF.1 The range finder refreshes 60 times a second, and the proprietary smoothing algorithm makes fine focus adjustments without noticeable focus hunting. In addition to using the range-finder information to drive your focus motor automatically, with an optional SmallHD/Teradek RT interface cable you can also overlay the focus distance information on select SmallHD monitors that support Teradek RT overlays to aid your focus puller. This is especially useful when using your camera on a remote head, jib, crane, or stabilizer system.

The TOF.1 is compact, and you can mount it on your RT MDX.R receiver via its integrated NATO rail or ¼"-20 mounting options. The included 4-pin motor cable connects the TOF.1 to your MDX.R. Once set up, it is a simple process to calibrate the units for accurate distance information display, or to allow the system to control your focus. Lightweight, compact, easy to use, and versatile, the TOF.1 enhances the capabilities of your MDR.X and CTRL.1/3 wireless lens control system.

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