Another Ace in The Hole: The Sachtler Ace XL with Aluminum Tripod


Expanding its popular Ace XL line, Sachtler has introduced two Ace XL aluminum tripod bundles centered around the 75mm-bowl Ace XL Fluid Head. Offering lower-cost alternatives to the existing Ace XL carbon fiber tripod options, both systems include the Ace 75/2 D 2-stage aluminum tripod. The two versions available are the Ace XL GS AL with a ground-level spreader, and the Ace XL MS AL with a mid-level spreader. Compared to the carbon fiber options, purchasing each AL bundle saves you around $200, which you could put toward additional equipment (or food, if you absolutely must eat this month). Designed for use with cine-style or DSLR HD cameras with accessories, the Sachtler Ace XL AL systems support rigs weighing 4.4 to 17.6 pounds.

Sachtler Ace XL Fluid Head (75mm Bowl)

These aluminum versions weigh roughly one pound more than their carbon fiber counterparts. They provide the same 31-67" (mid-spreader) or 22-68" (ground spreader) height range version as the two-stage carbon fiber models. If you use the tripod separately with a different head, to support a slider, or otherwise need a greater tripod payload capacity, the 75/2 D aluminum tripod supports up to 77 pounds, versus the 44-pound capacity of the 75/2 CF carbon fiber legs. If you’d like to have both spreader options, the mid-level and on-ground spreaders are available as separate items, as well.

Sachtler Mid-Level Spreader Ace

The Ace XL Fluid Head features three levels of pan-and-tilt drag, seven steps of counterbalance, and a zero-drag setting on the drag and counterbalance. The space-saving, flattened 75mm ball base can be secured to a slider or other support without the need for a bowl adapter.

Lighter but pricier Sachtler Ace options include the Ace XL systems with carbon fiber tripods, the spreader-free Ace XL with telescoping tripod legs, or the top-of-the-line Ace XL with Flowtech 75 single leg-lock, carbon fiber tripod system. Each Sachtler Ace XL AL bundle includes a padded bag with a shoulder strap and handgrip for toting the built tripod system. For the latest on pricing and availability, be sure to check the B&H SuperStore website.