Canon’s New XF400 and XF405 UHD 4K Camcorders with XLR Inputs


It is our pleasure here at B&H to officially announce the Canon XF400 and XF405 camcorders. Sharing the form factor of the previous XF200/205 and XF300/XF305 camcorders, the new XF400 and XF405 capture UHD 4K footage with an 8.29 MP 1.0” CMOS sensor that features high sensitivity and low noise for a sharp, clear image and wide dynamic range support. Featuring a 15x optical zoom lens that maintains UHD 4K resolution throughout the zoom range. Welcome optional lens accessories include both wide and tele attachments that allow you shoot wider or longer when needed.  The camera’s 5-axis optical image stabilizer helps keep your image steady and shake-free when covering on the go, run ‘n gun events. The cameras take advantage of Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF, a fast and precise way to focus your camera, while Touch AF and Face Detection enable you to hold a subject in focus as they move through the frame.

Dual DIGIC DV 6 image processors work together to handle the processing loads, producing a sharp, clear image that can be recorded or output.  Featuring two SD card slots, the camera records UHD 4K at up to 60p, and it can record using the robust XF-AVC 4K UHD codec for efficient storage usage (available as a firmware update). The camera can also shoot and record in Full HD, for matching with legacy projects and HD infrastructure directly from the camera. The XF400 incorporates an HDMI 2.0 terminal which supports UHD 4K 60p, while the XF405 features a 3G-SDI output in addition to the HDMI 2.0 output, making it simple to interface the XF405  into a professional multi-camera workflow. Also built into the XF400/405 are network connections that allow you to FTP your footage from the camera using either wired connection or Wi-Fi.  The cameras support four channels of audio, with two XLR inputs, providing balanced audio inputs with independent audio level control.

For Lightweight ENG-style camcorder shooting of UHD 4K material and professional audio inputs, the XF400 and XF405 are welcome updates to their well-respected predecessors.


The spec quotes 55 minutes of 4K on 64 GB cards, but because the camera accommodates two cards, it is not clear if the spec is for cards in parallel or relay.  Which is it?  

What camera did you shoot the review with? I mean the shot @1:14  .
Feels like a C100 or a 5Dmk4 kind of look...

This, finally, looks like a replacement for my old Canon SD (standard definition) XL1S. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. The 1" sensor, XLR mic inputs and wide adapter for the lens makes that big of a difference for me. It really has taken this long for an HD camera to finally get it right for me, from Canon, and at a reasonable price point.

What?  You didn't find the XLH!S or the XF305 a solid replacement for your camera?  

I like the form factor of the XF305 the LCD viewfinder is better placed on the 305, and the overall size of the XF 305 is better has some weight to it. I agree with one of the other comments should have kept the body of the XF 305 this is more like the XA models which I have both of. Will likely purchase the XF 405 but a little disappointed with Canon. 

i have an xf305, and formerly shot with the xl1 - in fact, the xl1 is what caused my canon lean in the purchase of the xf305, which is as close to the xl1 as they come - i thought this xf405 was a true replacement, but it lacks the truly valuable features one expects from a professional cam - one of which is the ability to easily rest on shoulder - iris ring is HUGE for me (which images of these two cams dont show the 3 rings on lens one would prefer, so i imagine no iris ring).  The aperture on the xf305 is f/1.6 wide open, which is nice, and the permanant L lens is as well.  The only criticism of the xf305 is the 1/3" x 3 CMOS (which, to some degree i like the no-bayer pattern system, but i would of course like a larger sensor 3x2/3" even wouldve been nice) - however, overall, its a truly pro cam, with all the bells and whistles and features that allow long shooting in changing conditions without stopping or jarring moments where iris or other settings are adjusted with shakes and clicks in the video.  I hope they produce something like the xl1 or xf300/305 with 4k. It seems to me they are abandoning the professional ENG/broadcast market if they dont produce something like that soon.  I dont know why they called it an "xf" when its more of an "xa" model imho.  For me, in a camcorder, to a certain degree, bigger is better.  Also, the macro on the xf305 is some of the best there is on a permanant lens. So, yeah, im with you, homie.

This article is inaccurate...these new cameras share (utilize) the form factor of the XA30/XA35, NOT the XF series...the XF series have for instance an iris ring, these are simply updated XA series cameras at XF prices.

My thoughts exactly. So what to do now.. wait yet again for a next model?

No L lens on the xf400 is sad.  Just put this engine in the xf300 

For real. I wish the xf300/305 had the 4k 1" sensor and dual digic 6.  Thats exactly what i would want... That and maybe a better rear viewfinder - sturdier and just somehow more ergonomic... And it would be nice if you could chose zoom on ring, rocker and ring+rocker.  I wonder what kind of shutter control this has... 

Jake...I'm impressed with both your presentation AND the new cameras. Must make decision as to which will be ordered! Thanks.