DZOFilm Introduces New VESPID Cinema Prime Lenses


If you’ve already picked up a set of Pictor parfocal zoom lenses from DZOFilm, its new line of cinema prime lenses will complete your production set. The new DZOFilm VESPID prime lenses include 25, 35, 50, 75,100, 125mm, and 90mm macro models with a PL mount and an EF mount option. Each prime lens features a fast T2.1 aperture and a 16-blade iris to produce a soft, silky bokeh for stunning images, even in low light.

Weighing between 1.6 and 2.1 lb, these compact and lightweight field lenses are perfect for small and lightweight cinema cameras, run-and-gun setups, as well as for use on drone and gimbal rigs. They provide a beautiful cinema-quality image, each featuring a 46.5mm image circle that covers full-frame cine sensors.

The entire lens line shares an 80mm front diameter, 77mm filter thread size, and 0.8 MOD focus/iris cine gears, which make it easy to change matte boxes, follow focus motors, and other gear without much reconfiguration. The lenses feature manual iris rotation ranging from 58° on the 50mm model to 84° rotation on the 125mm model, and a manual focus rotation range of 270° on all models. The 90mm macro model features a close focus distance of 10.1" so you can add crisp, clear close-up shots of your subject.

Are you already a fan of the Pictor parfocal zooms? What’s your opinion of these new VESPIDs? Which ones will work best with your set? Let us know in the Comments section, below!


Curious. Are these screencaps were all shot in the Vespids? That rainbow flare looks nice

That looks a lot like the Nitecore set. They have been rebranded by NiSi and Kinefinity as well.


If it is, these lenses are gorgeous

There's not much benefit to these unless you currently own or plan on getting a full-frame camera. If they release a wider angle lens down the line like a 12 or 15mm lens I'd consider that though. Probably going to get the pictor set for my URSA Mini Pro kits.

Ian, DZOFilm has already said that a 16mm wide will be available in the spring.