Exciting New Hollyland Mars 400S PRO SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System


While Hollyland tends to be understated about its products, we here at B&H are a bit less reserved, and today we get to share the news of the new Mars 400S PRO Wireless Video System, from Hollyland. This system includes a transmitter and receiver with a lower profile than the previous Mars 400S system. The lower profile doesn’t affect the transmission distance, which is 400' line of sight with a latency of 0.08 seconds, though it does help with weight distribution (lower center of gravity).

Hollyland Mars 400S PRO SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System
Hollyland Mars 400S PRO SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System

A single Mars 400S PRO transmitter can connect with two Mars 400S PRO receivers, and the system supports SDI and HDMI in and out since the transmitter and receiver each feature SDI and HDMI connectors. The neat little trick that Hollyland pulls off is that you can also transmit to one receiver and two mobile devices over Wi-Fi. The mobile devices must be running the HollyView app, available for iOS and Android and, with the mobile device, your range is limited to 300' line of sight. The Mars 400S PRO transmitter will support up to four Wi-Fi devices if you don’t use the Mars 400S PRO receiver.

Hollyland Mars 400S PRO (i/o)

The 400S PRO transmitter and receiver incorporate an OLED screen that displays the device number, signal strength, channel, video format, battery power in volts, and a variety of other data. The units are built into a strong metal chassis and weigh only about 8 ounces each, and they each feature a built-in cold shoe for mounting, along with a standard ¼"-20 threaded opening, providing you with a mounting choice. Since the cold shoe is built into the unit and not an attachment, you don’t have to worry about it coming loose during the day, especially if you are engaged in run-and-gun filmmaking. The transmitter and receiver both use two antennas, but Hollyland includes a spare third antenna for each unit because, well, accidents happen.

Hollyland Mars 400S PRO (back)

Overall, the new Mars 400S PRO wireless video system looks to be a great addition to Hollyland’s already-impressive lineup of wireless video transmitters and receivers, and it brings exciting improvements to make your production day go smoothly. Please feel free to share your experiences with Hollyland’s wireless video products in the Comments section, below.

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How do the 400S Pro and the current 400S differ except in form factor ? Is the Pro backward compatible with the S ?

Thank you folks. 

Hi Jon - 

The form factor is the only difference we are aware of. It does not appear that a 400S model will work with a PRO version.