Feiyu Announces the New AK2000C Handheld Gimbal for Compact Cameras


Add a lightweight, ultracompact handheld gimbal to create smooth camera movement with the new AK2000C 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer, from Feiyu. The AK2000C is slimmed down compared to its predecessor, the AK2000S, featuring a smaller and lighter build, in addition to being lighter on your wallet. It weighs only 2.4 lb and can support a compact camera rig that weighs up to 4.9 lb, making it easy for creative motion video content without too much extra strain on your arms.

Compared to the AK2000S, the new model features the same smooth pan and tilt movements, a USB Type-C charging port, time-lapse mode, 7-hour battery life, and the same one-touch modes, including selfie, portrait, and inception modes. The new AK2000C features one USB Type-C camera control port, allowing you to control features on the camera such as start/stop and focus features. The high-capacity gimbal battery takes only 1.5 hours to charge using its quick-charge technology, so you can take a lunch break and then have another 7 hours of shooting in the afternoon.

The gimbal sets up quickly and easily, and it takes no time to balance your camera right out of the box. Other features include a foldable Arca-type quick-release plate for quick storage, 3-axis motor locking to protect the gimbal motors during transport, and a bright OLED touchscreen for easy management and control. Like all Feiyu gimbals, you can also control the gimbal from your smartphone using the Feiyu ON iOS/Android app via Wi-Fi, allowing you to control the gimbal’s various settings, modes, pan, roll, zoom, and time lapse, while also allowing you to control the camera’s shutter, start/stop, zoom, and focus when using the appropriate control cable.

The AK2000C includes a mini folding tripod, a lens support, and camera control cables for a variety of cameras that utilize 2.5mm LANC, USB Type-C, USB Type-A, Sony Multi-Cam, and micro-USB control ports. There is also a variety of optional accessories available for the AK2000C, including a physical remote controller, a wireless microphone, an extension rod, an L-shaped quick release plate, and additional extension arms and handgrips.

Are you considering adding the AK2000C to your kit? Which aspects of this feature-rich ultracompact gimbal make it most attractive? Let us know in the Comments section, below!


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