Ikan Elite Tablet and iPad Light Stand Teleprompters


Ikan twists teleprompting on its head with Three Elite Tablet & iPad Light Stand Teleprompters. Taking advantage of the advances in mobile device technology, these three prompters cut away the unnecessary weight and gear, focusing on a tablet-based monitor for mirrorless or DSLR camera systems. The system is available in three configurations: prompter with tablet/iPad cradle by itself, with a hard-sided rolling case, or with a Bluetooth remote. Each system features a 20' reading range and includes a Prompter Hood with anti-reflection fabric lens cover, 14" diagonal beam-splitter glass, tablet/iPad mounting tray, and light stand mount.

ikan Elite Tablet & iPad Light Stand Teleprompter

The Elite Tablet & iPad Light Stand Teleprompter system eschews the heavy and complex equipment that mounts the camera and prompter hood together, instead opting for a significantly lighter system that mounts the hood, glass, and your device on a solid light stand, and requires you to mount your camera on a separate stand. Stands are not included, but this allows you to find ones that you prefer, and the two-stand system makes for a mobile, fast-moving setup.