Introducing Switching at Your Fingertips, with the Atomos AtomX CAST


Get ready to add easy, portable switching to your multicamera shoot with the new AtomX CAST from Atomos. This sweet little device piggybacks onto your Ninja V 5" onboard monitor to create a four-channel HDMI switcher/monitor combo. Perfect for events, corporate, and house-of-worship uses, the AtomX CAST is also available as a bundle paired with the Ninja V.

Atomos AtomX CAST for Ninja V
Atomos AtomX CAST for Ninja V

“Broad-CAST”-like features packed into this petite unit include Program and Preview views, touchscreen and physical push-button controls, quad multiview, PiP (picture-in-picture) effects, logo and graphics overlays, and user-assignable function buttons. You can even pair the AtomX CAST with an AtomX Connect unit for simultaneous recording, monitoring, and livestream switching via USB and your computer.

Atomos AtomX CAST

The AtomX CAST supports multiple video resolutions of up to 1080p60 and can accept mixed-resolution inputs, suiting it for real-world projects that use a variety of video sources. Physically, it acts as a dock for your Ninja V and incorporates a side handle so you can tote it around set easily. Compatibility with the Ninja V+ is expected before the end of 2021.

So, whether you’re already an Atomos Ninja V user or not, the AtomX CAST looks like an exciting, valuable tool to add to your multi-camera shooting tool kit.

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It states on the item that Ninja V+ doesn't work with this. Might want to QC just to make sure it all is good.

Thanks for taking the time to post, Russell H. Our author found further information from Atomos and has learned that Ninja V+ compatibility is expected by the end of 2021. Right now it’s only compatible with the Ninja V.