Just Announced: The Portable New Freefly Movi Gimbal for iPhone


Based on the same stabilization technology that has made the professional Movi rigs popular, the new FREEFLY Movi gimbal is designed specifically for your iPhone! The rubberized grip holds well in your hand, a joystick at your fingertips gives you all the control you need, and the lightweight build allows you to operate it with total ease. Moreover, the form factor allows for one- and two-handed operation for optimal comfort and precision.

A major aspect of the new Movi is the included Movi iOS app that expands your shooting capabilities with additional modes. Majestic mode gives you direct control over the Movi, while Echo mode lets you assign and execute complex moves. Orbit mode locks in on a subject and stays locked in as you move around and try to capture it from different angles. You also get Timelapse, Movilapse, and Smartpod modes, offering other auto and manual features. Android users need not fear, an Android-compatible app will be made available in the future.

Movi is rubberized on the bottom, so you can easily set it down for time-lapse capture or just between shots. A 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom allows you to mount it on tripods, monopods, and other support gear, and an extra-wide pinch clamp provides support for smartphones up to 3.5" in width, which includes the iPhone Plus models. Movi comes to you in a rugged yet compact travel case, along with all the accessories you need.