Litepanels Apollo Bridge: Wireless DMX for All


Announcing the Apollo Bridge wireless DMX and network LAN device, from Litepanels, a complete package that enables you to control virtually any DMX-enabled fixture wirelessly, no matter the brand. The Apollo Bridge spans the gaps in current wireless DMX and connects to your DMX fixtures via wireless DMX—LumenRadio, Ethernet, 5-pin XLR, and even over Wi-Fi. This flexibility means you have one box that can connect all your devices, allowing you to control your system from a DMX board, or from your mobile device. Using a standard 5-pin XLR port, you can easily connect the Apollo Bridge to a hard-wired DMX network, then bring wireless control to that network. For wireless DMX, connect to your fixture using the CRMX protocol, and if your fixture doesn’t support that, an available wireless dongle will set you right. Wi-Fi and Ethernet support follows the E1.31 sACN protocol, allowing you to interface and control your connected fixtures from a lighting console, computer, or mobile device.

The Bridge creates its own Wi-Fi LAN, making it easy to set up your system anywhere, even in distant locations. In addition to its capabilities as a wireless DMX bridge, the Apollo Bridge is also an enterprise-class network router with an intuitive GUI that simultaneously supports the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. So, for complex data networking, or as the “Swiss Army knife” for wireless DMX control, the Apollo Bridge is a powerful tool for your productions.

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