Manfrotto Adds New 360 VR Tripod, Stand, Boom, Monopod Selfie-Stick


Manfrotto has announced five new 360 VR camera support products: a VR Selfie-Stick for the consumer enthusiast and four products for pro users. As with many of its previous VR supports, the goal is to provide stability for varying payloads in as compact a form as possible, to circumvent the challenges of shooting in 360.

VR Selfie-Stick

Supporting the largest payload within the new lineup is the VR Big Aluminum Base, a sturdy tripod weighing 4.8 lb, supporting 15 lb, and featuring a maximum height of 59". The VR Big Base is also designed to incorporate another of the new items, the VR Medium Aluminum Extension Boom. The Boom has a 3.3-lb payload and length of 78" and can be attached to the Big Base to add to its height. However, the two are best paired with the Big Base collapsed to its lowest height, to achieve the most stable support and less stitching interference.  

VR Big Aluminum Base

Then there's the VR Complete Aluminum Stand, a 2.5-lb stand that integrates an extension boom as a main component. The VR Complete Stand supports up to 3.3 lb and reaches a maximum height of 83". The Complete Stand is an all-in-one solution for those less windy conditions.

VR Complete Aluminum Stand

The most portable pro support being introduced is the lightweight VR PIXI Evo Kit, which is a 1-lb monopod that can also be used as a tripod. This versatile support gives you the freedom to move around easily with up to 2.2-lb loads and capture pretty much everything. What's more, it offers a maximum height of 56".


The expanded product line not only provides more options but also expanded compatibility with previous offerings, such as carbon fiber extension booms of multiple sizes.