NAB 2018 Discount Special: SmallHD Monitor Bundles


In honor of NAB 2018, for a limited time, if you're in need of an on-camera or production monitor you can order a SmallHD 703 UltraBright, 503 UltraBright, 702 OLED, or 1303HDR monitor as part of a discounted kit.

703 UltraBright Kits

Popular with directors, the SmallHD 703 is a versatile option that can be used in nearly any filming situation, as their bright 2200 cd/m² LCD panels can outshine all but the brightest of glare. Three kits are available, with either V-mount, Gold mount, or Sony NP-F battery plates. All kits include a hood, cage, screen protectors, rubberized side handles, neck strap, SDI cables, and a customizable flying-lead power cable.

SmallHD 703

503 UltraBright Kits

SmallHD's 503 monitors are widely popular with camera operators. Their small size makes them an easy fit for large and small camera rigs. Like their bigger brethren, they sport bright 2200 cd/m² LCD panels for use in the same bright situations. Like the above kits, the 503 kits are offered in V-mount, Gold mount, and Sony NP-F variants, and they all come with a hood, cage, screen protectors, SDI cables, a customizable flying-lead power cable, and a protective neoprene pouch.

SmallHD 503

702 OLED and 1303 HDR Kits

Lastly, for more video village and studio-oriented applications are the 702 OLED and 1303 HDR monitor kits. The 702 OLED Kit is great for controlled-lighting situations, because it can produce a wide contrast range. It includes a hood, screen protectors, SDI cables, HDMI cables, and a road-ready hard case to pack everything away. If you need a larger screen and are interested in HDR production, check out the 1303 HDR kits. The 1303 kits are available in either V-mount or Gold mount options, and provide a hood, screen protectors, RapidRail mount, C-stand bracket, and SDI cables.

SmallHD 702 OLED

These kits won't be available for long, so check them out on the B&H SuperStore website for more product information, pricing, and availability.