NAB 2018: Edelkrone Innovates with Motion BOX and DollyPLUS


Edelkrone always seems to be coming up with something cool that no one else has ever offered, and at NAB they may have struck gold again with the Motion BOX and DollyPLUS. The Motion BOX is an ultra-small one-axis controller that can be implemented easily into an existing support system to create pans. A bit larger is the DollyPLUS, a cool new product that combines a motorized floor dolly compatible with nearly any tripod and a three-axis head for a creating a completely automated camera movement.

Since the Motion BOX is coming soon, I’ll start there. It’s a small box with panning controls, all of which can be set up using a mobile app. While seemingly simple, it is when you start building it into other configurations that the brilliance of the product shows. Two can be paired to create a two-axis pan and tilt head, or it can be placed on a SliderONE to add pans to your slides. A Skater Kit is also being made that will make it an automated tabletop dolly with precise controls. Another use is as a turntable for product photography. It is certainly a simple item, but has many uses. It even works with Edelkrone’s time-lapse 2.0 features and can support up to 15 lb.

Without a specific release date, the DollyPLUS is quite an interesting product, providing cinematographers with a relatively compact and capable dolly solution for their systems. It is all controlled via a mobile app, allowing users to quickly dial-in and program movements. Also, the three-axis head has some of its own tricks with face recognition, which is set up with a photo from your mobile device. It is powered by standard V-mount and Gold-mount batteries and can be a serious help for one-man crews, because it can be set up and left to do its thing.

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