NAB 2018: Hocus-Pocus, Wooden Camera Zip Follow Focus


Just in time for NAB, we here at B&H are dizzy with delight to share with you the Wooden Camera Zip Focus follow focus system. Designed to clamp onto a single support rod, the Zip Focus is available in two versions, one for 15mm LWS rods, and the other for 19mm/15mm studio rods. The difference between the two is the length of the rod clamp arm included to accommodate the greater distance from the lens barrel that studio-style support rods create. The handwheel itself is a prime example of efficient design and construction, leaving out what isn't needed, while keeping what you want.

It features a 1:1 gear ratio for smooth focus pulls, and it includes a removable 0.8 MOD drive gear for use with cine-style lenses and a friction drive gear for use with lenses that don't have cine-style gearing. The gears can be mounted on either side of the drive arm, providing more flexibility, and the single rod clamp arrangement allows you to pivot the handwheel into the optimum position for your lens setup. The included Hard Stop Disk has two adjustable hard stops that can be used when working with endlessly rotating lenses, or if you want to set start and stop points for pulling without looking. Regular marking disks are included, as well. The 15mm LWS set up comes with a shorter rod clamp arm that mounts on 15mm rods, while the 19/15mm studio setup comes with a longer arm that mounts on 19mm rods, or 15mm rods using the included bushing. You can feel confident buying either of the setups, because the 15mm LWS and 19/15mm studio rod clamps are available separately.

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