NAB 2018: Redrock Micro DigiBoom, Navigator, and MōVI Commander


Redrock Micro's booth had some cool new products. Combining a boompole and a gimbal, the DigiBoom gives you the stability of a three-axis gimbal stabilizer with the added flexibility of an extendable boom, for cameras. The boom itself is made from carbon fiber and it extends from 3 to 6'. The three-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer supports cameras weighing up to 6.5 pounds, and it has pass-through connectors for audio, LANC, and S.Bus, for audio input, output, and camera control using the integrated interface.

Redrock Micro also showed us its Navigator FIZ lens control and SLS Blue lens drive motors. The Navigator is Redrock Micro's compact lens controller. It connects to Atlas motors wirelessly, and can be used with gimbal stabilizers as well as in more conventional setups. If you use a MōVI stabilizer regularly, Redrock has a full lens-control solution, the MōVI Commander. Attach your FREEFLY Mimic to the MōVI Commander and you'll have full FIZ control, as well as gimbal control, at your fingertips.

The DigiBoom and MōVI Commander are slated to be available this summer, and the Navigator and Atlas motors are currently available for purchase at the B&H website. Be sure to check back later for more NAB 2018 content.