NAB 2018: The Latest from Teradek VidiU & Teradek RT


Another of Vitec Group's Creative Solutions brands, Teradek, had many of its latest accessories on display. Streaming buffs will appreciate the Teradek VidiU Go, the second-generation VidiU product. It offers efficient HEVC encoding in addition to the widely compatible H.264 encoding format for streaming to your CDN of choice. If you're wondering about those extra antennas on the side, they are Nodes. Each Node can accept a SIM card for 3G, 4G, or LTE streaming capabilities. HDMI and SDI inputs are supported.

The dedicated Creative Solutions booth had the brand-new Teradek RT Superspeed motors, Latitude-X receiver, and a 1-channel lens controller. The silent Superspeed motors feature a brushless design, and higher torque than the previous generation motors. The gear mounting is tool-less and the cable connections can be daisy-chained for quicker and more streamlined setups. Compact and powerful, the Latitude-X Receiver is Teradek's first 3-channel receiver in the Latitude line. Aside from being able to drive motors, it features Bluetooth connectivity for communicating with smart devices. Finally, the 1-channel lens controller is a convenient solution for focus pulling. It has built in lens-mapping capabilities, ARRI rosette mounting, and it can communicate with SmallHD monitors. Combine it with the newly announced SmallHD FOCUS Bolt monitor, and you have a compact and ergonomic focus-pulling rig. Current MK3.1 lens controllers will also support this functionality.

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