Panasonic Releases S1H Raw Video Firmware Update


The day is here! Panasonic has just released the long-awaited firmware version 2.1 for the S1H. This update has been previewed before, showing raw video output over HDMI at up to 5.9K at 29.97 fps or DCI 4K at 59.94 fps. If you just want to go grab it now go check out Panasonic’s Support Site.

To record this raw video output, you will need a compatible Atomos recorder, such as the Ninja V. These recorders will capture the raw data in ProRes RAW, a compressed raw format that captures a nearly lossless version of the sensor data while still remaining fast and versatile during editing. When launched, ProRes RAW was only available in Apple’s Final Cut Pro X on Mac, though Adobe has announced upcoming support for the format, and betas have opened up support for the format on Windows computers. It is well worth checking out and you can read more about it on B&H Explora.

Are you excited for raw support on the S1H? Will this convince you to pick up an S1H? Let us know in the Comments section, below!



Maybe I'll wait and see how the update will turnout and how the majority will react to the update, the price needs to come down a lot, because this means switching to a new system.

If you want an early look the B&H video team was able to try out the raw update. It was embedded above and you can find it here

Whats the colour bit depth?    Is it going to be 12, 13, 14, 15 bits?    I have seen no info on this so far.    Anybody else?

It will be 12-bit output via HDMI.

Pulled the trigger in Feb. and bought an S1H on the hype of this RAW update. Even bought my Ninja V so I was ready. Was a little leery that I had been once again cam-boozled when the update still hadn’t come by March, after having invested in both the Canon 1dx Mark II on the hope of a CLog update, and the Canon C200 with the hope of a 10-bit xfavc codec update, only to be let down both of those times. SO HAPPY Panasonic is keeping their word and coming out with this. Can’t wait! 

Hope you enjoy it when it comes out next week! Let us know what you think!

Can you share any insights into the RAW performance and the bit depth resolution after these many months of usage? Thanks!