From Sony: VENICE Extension System 2, VENICE 2 Version 2.00 Firmware Update


For Sony VENICE 2 and Sony VENICE users, owners, and operators, Sony is announcing the new version of its wildly popular Rialto, the VENICE Extension System 2, which allows you to separate the image sensor block from the camera body via your choice of either a 9.8' or 39' cable. Creating a “tethered camera” that is about the size of a DSLR, with all the capabilities of a full-sized Cine Camera, makes it simpler to use your VENICE 2 8K/6K or VENICE camera on gimbals, jibs, or cranes, as well as getting the “camera” into tight places that normally would be too small to accommodate the camera body. Sony is also releasing new firmware for the VENICE 2, expanding the camera’s capabilities.

VENICE Extension System 2

VENICE Extension System 2

VENICE Extension System 2

This new extension system is compatible with the VENICE 2 8K and 6K sensor blocks, as well as the VENICE sensor block, so VENICE camera users aren’t left behind. In addition to the extended length the new extension system supports, there are notable additions such as a tilt/roll sensor, which provides valuable metadata for VFX work, as well as user-assignable buttons. Examples of the versatility the extension system can bring to your production can be seen in movies such as Top Gun: Maverick, which used three extension systems to place multiple cameras inside a fighter jet’s cockpit (not the roomiest of spaces), to capture exciting flight footage without interfering with the pilot flying the jet.

VENICE 2 Version 2.00 Firmware Update

The firmware update addresses features and capabilities requested by professional users, bringing new imager modes, faster frame rates (full-frame 8.6K up to 48fps and 8.2K up to 72 fps), and sync functions for working with LED walls and environments. Additionally, the update provides enhanced LUT and CDL functionality, as well as OSD customization that anamorphic users will appreciate. The firmware update also allows you to output the viewfinder image with settings such as peaking and zebra to the monitor output. Improved playback functions such as application of EI metadata, display of the playback position within the clip, as well as frame-by-frame playback, are sure to make checking playback on-set a lot easier and faster. The new Extension system and firmware updates provide exciting production features for your camera.

Please share your thoughts on these new features and how you they will affect your future productions in the Comments section, below. Head over to the VENICE Extension System 2 page for more detailed info on its capabilities.