Steadicam Steadimate-RS Gimbal Yoke and Counterweight System Now Updated


Steadicam welcomes a new handheld gimbal support system into its ranks with the Steadimate-RS support and counterweight system. It's an updated kit that enhances the load support, control, and comfort of its predecessor, the Steadimate-S. The Steadimate-RS is designed to make operating handheld gimbals even easier and more comfortable for videographers, and two vest systems have also been released that utilize the Steadimate-RS, including the Aero 15 Arm and Aero Vest Kit and the Aero 30 Arm and Zephyr Vest Kit.

Durable Gimbal Yoke

The Steadimate-RS design features many improvements for use with gimbals such as the DJI Ronin RS 2, RS 3, and RS 3 Pro, a yoke with a smooth panning bearing design, 1/4"-20 mounting threads for accessories, and a standard 1/2" arm mounting post. The yoke mounts around the top of the gimbal handle, facilitating vest or arm mounting, while helping to reduce fatigue and providing full panning abilities with x/y axis stabilization.

Versatile Counterweight System

The included counterweight system mounts on the bottom of your gimbal and features a slip-free dovetail mount, standard 15mm weighted steel rods for mounting the counterweights, and T-slot channels to adjust the balance quickly and easily. Four 1/2-pound weights and four 1/4-pound weights are included to add and remove as needed. The entire system can be removed and adjusted without tools.

Powerful Vest and Arm Packages

The two body-worn vest and arm packages have been updated with the Steadimate-RS to make them even more comfortable and supportive. The Steadimate-RS yoke provides the mounting on the included stabilizer arm, which also acts as a Z-axis for added stabilization. The arm mounts on the included vest for added support for long shooting days. The Aero 15 Arm & Aero Vest Kit supports a maximum payload of 15 lb and the Aero 30 Arm & Zephyr Vest Kit supports a maximum payload of 30 lb.

Planning to use the Steadimate-RS in your handheld gimbal productions? Let us know your thoughts below, in the Comments section.