The New PTZ Camera from OBSBOT Is All Grown Up and 4K


We are pleased to announce the new OBSBOT Tiny 4K PTZ Camera, featuring everything you like about the OBSBOT Tiny USB PTZ Webcam, but now with a 4K twist. Ideal for work from home, remotely, or in conference rooms in the office, take the Tiny 4K with you and set it up, hassle-free, using the included clamp or the magnetic mounting feature. Just like the original, the Tiny 4K can go wherever you need a small PTZ camera that can track you automatically or that you can control via gestures. The Tiny 4K adds a 4K sensor, autofocus, twice the zoom range (4x zoom), and HDR video for better highlight handling than what the original Tiny offered, while still offering the same ease of use. The camera also offers advanced features such as AI tracking, gesture control, auto-exposure and smart white balance for which the HD Tiny is known, but with higher resolution for greater detail in your presentations, while still being as easy to connect to your computer as a regular old webcam.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K PTZ Camera
OBSBOT Tiny 4K PTZ Camera

Have you used the OBSBOT Tiny, and are you looking forward to the Tiny 4K? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the Comments section, below.


Awesome! I will definitely purchase one!  Oh, maybe two, another one is for a Christmas gift!

Yes! Our reviewer thinks it is--smaller and rendering higher resolution with other advanced features, it's a win-win.