Unveiled: Amimon CONNEX ProSight 720p FPV Camera Transmitter Receiver Bundle


Amimon announces its new ProSight 720p Digital HD Camera and camera/transmitter/receiver bundle, designed for FPV racing. The small camera mounts on your drone and captures at 720p 30, providing clear, crisp HD video to guide you as you fly. It features a 2.8mm lens and is suitable for use indoors and out. The bundled HD kit includes the camera, transmitter, ground unit (receiver), as well as accessories.

Notable about the bundle is the line-of-sight (LOS) transmission of up to 3,000 feet (depending on conditions) with a nominal LOS distance of 1,000 feet. The camera and transmission system features an all-digital signal path with 27 channels to choose from to minimize the chance of interference with other pilots. The receiver outputs 720p at 60 fps for a blur-free image for flying your drone, and it features an HDMI output, which makes it compatible with many monitors and goggles. The ProSight camera, ProSight Transmitter, and ProSight Receiver are available individually, or bundled together as a system, providing a ready-to-go solution for FPV racing.