Unveiled: the Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K Resolution Super 35mm Camera


We at B&H photo are pleased to announce the new Panasonic EVA1, which neatly fills the space between the Panasonic’s VariCam LT and GH5 cameras. Weighing less than three pounds and featuring a compact form factor, the EVA1 is well suited for handheld work, and is also designed to be mounted on a jib, drone, or gimbal. The EVA1 shares the same Dual ISO sensor design concept as the VariCam 35, VariCam LT, and VariCam Pure, which allows you to switch from standard to high sensitivity without an increase in artifacts or sensor noise. The camera’s 5.7K sensor oversamples your image, providing resolution benefits and improved color rendition, compared to a standard 4K sensor.

Although its size, weight, and its use of SD cards as a recording medium might indicate to some that the EVA1 is positioned closer to the GH5, importing the VariCam colorimetry, the Dual ISO sensor, and inclusion of V-Log, V-Gamut, places it near the VariCam lineup instead. The camera incorporates a native Canon EF mount, supporting a wide variety of cinema and still lenses, and it supports Electronic image stabilization to counteract shake, which may occur when shooting handheld. A built-in, behind-the-lens ND filter wheel makes for fast exposure adjustments without adjusting iris or shutter speed. The EVA1 also allows the IR Cut filter to be swung out of the path to the sensor at the push of a button, which is a rare feature. This provides you the choice to create different photographic effects in normal photography, as well as improving night-vision imagery.

Complementing the camera’s sensor capabilities are the dual XLR audio inputs, 4K capable outputs in SDI and HDMI, and the recording formats, which will include 10-bit 4:2:2 in 4K for professional recording. A future firmware update will enable 5.7K raw output to third-party recorders. The EVA1 is expected to ship in the fall.

If you are looking for a compact, yet professional camera, the EVA1 is one to think about.


Price a bit steep for h264 recording.  in that sense, it's closer to the GH-5

Looks like a decent B camera

Still holding back information on the recording format specs.  I assume same as GH5?  150mbps in 4K, maybe getting the 400mbps update that's been promised?  Those file formats have been taxing on my computer.

I wish there were other options for the mount (like PL or MFT). Add those options and I'm sold! 

It is a SPEC monster