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Unveiled: Sigma 18-35mm and 50-100mm High-Speed Cine Zooms


The B&H SuperStore is pleased to announce the introduction of two new Sigma high-speed zooms, designed specifically for digital cinematography. The wide 18-35mm and the longer 50-100mm are available in two popular mount versions: Canon EF 18-35mm, Canon EF 50-100mm, Sony E-mount 18-35mm, and Sony E-mount 50-100mm, both with a fast T2 maximum aperture.

Several attributes have been standardized on these cine-style lenses, producing a smoother workflow when alternating between both zooms on a shoot. Gear positions for focus, iris, and zoom are the same on both lenses, eliminating the need to reposition any follow focus or zoom control gears on your rig when you switch lenses. With identically sized 95mm front diameters, both lenses can make use of the same filters (82mm) and matte box adapters, saving time otherwise spent on swapping out step-down or step-up rings.

These well-crafted Sigma zoom lenses will cover Super35-sized image sensors, producing images with resolutions suitable for up to 8K capture. Low-dispersion glass is used for five of the 17 elements (in 12 groups) in the 18-35mm, while the 50-100mm features F low-dispersion or low-dispersion glass in seven of its 21 elements (in 15 groups). Each of these Sigma cine lenses has its focal-length range engraved in large, bright lettering on the side of the barrel, enabling the user to quickly ID each lens when using several at the same location.

These cine-style lenses’ 180˚ of barrel rotation provides ample space for comfortable focus pulls and enough room for adding temporary marks between the engraved distances. The lens marks are calibrated in US customary units, ranging from a close focus of 11" on the 18-35mm, and 3' 2" on the 50-100mm, to 90', and then infinity.

Other design features include a water-resistant lens housing and a ¼"-20 lens support foot. These Sigma T2 cine zooms are available singly, or in a kit of two, including a case (more case details to come).

Two-Lens Kit with Canon EF-Mount 18-35mm, 50-100mm and Case

Two-Lens Kit with Sony E-Mount 18-35mm, 50-100mm, and Case

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And how about the PL mount?

Hi Gabriel   -

 Nothing announced by SIGMA yet.  We will keep you poste if they announce any new PL-mount lenses.