Unveiled: Wirecast Gear, All-in-One Hardware Solutions from Telestream


While Wirecast has been a go-to software for streaming, encoding, and editing for a long time, Telestream has decided to up its game in a major way. Take a copy of Wirecast 7 software and install it on a purpose-built and powerful, yet fully functional, Windows 10 PC and you get the new Telestream Wirecast Gear. By having the hardware and software preconfigured, anyone who wants to broadcast professional-level HD video by way of a portable all-in-one solution can minimize setup and tear-down time. The chassis itself conforms to standard 19" equipment racks and only takes up 2RU of space, yet it contains an Intel® Core™ i7 CPU, fast SSD storage, USB 2.0 and 3.0, video, and Ethernet connectivity, in addition to four HDMI or SDI inputs hosted by a Magewell ProCapture PCI-E card.

Three different configurations of Wirecast Gear will be available at launch: Wirecast Gear 110, 210, and 220. All of the iterations feature similar hardware configurations, and mainly differ in the types of input offered and software inclusion.

Wirecast Gear 110 is the base configuration, offering 4 HDMI inputs, 250GB of SSD storage for approximately 5 hours of h.264 HD video, and includes the Standard version of NewBlue Titler Live. This is an entry-level version into live event producing and streaming.

Step up to the Wirecast Gear 210 for broadcast-grade SDI inputs in place of the HDMI inputs found on the 110 model. The 210 also includes 500GB of SSD storage, able to hold approximately 10 hours of h.264 HD video, and NewBlue Titler Live Advance with NDI; perfect for broadcasting sports since live scoreboard feeds can be used to update on-screen game clocks and scores.

Go all-in with the Wirecast Gear 220 which, like the 210 accepts SDI video, contains a whopping 2TB of SSD storage for more than 40 hours of h.264 HD video. The 220 also adds NewBlue Titler Live Ultimate. Ultimate has all the features of the Advance version and adds more graphics channels, titling templates, and live feed monitoring.

All versions of Wirecast Gear have a fully functional copy of Windows 10. Other programs, such as video editors, digital audio workstation software, and more can be installed to complement the broadcasting prowess found in the Wirecast Gear. Whether you’re just starting in live streaming and event production, or you’re looking to upgrade an existing streaming/broadcast installation in your house of worship, school, or independent studio, Wirecast Gear offers a compact, easy-to-use, one-box solution for streaming, recording, and editing.