Versatile UHD 4K Capture with the Canon CR-X300 PTZ Camera


We’re sure you’ve noticed that “remote” is the name of the game lately and now, thanks to Canon, content creators have another option for safely capturing UHD 4K video at a distance for high-end broadcast productions. Joining the lineup of Canon PTZ cameras, the CR-X300 features IP and serial control, Hybrid AF (autofocus), and a durable, water-resistant aluminum housing suitable for interior and exterior use.

Canon CR-X300 UHD 4K PTZ Camera
Canon CR-X300 UHD 4K PTZ Camera

UHD 4K CMOS Sensor/DIGIC DV6 Processor

Capture events in sharp, vivid detail using the CR-X300’s 1/2.3" CMOS sensor that features oversampling and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. This 8.29MP, 3840 x 2160 sensor works in conjunction with a DIGIC DV6 image processor to offer enhanced image quality and professional autofocus.

Professional Interfaces

The CR-X300 sports 6G-SDI and HDMI ports, making it easy to integrate it into your pro broadcast workflow. Both options output uncompressed UHD 4K30 or 1080p60 video in 4:2:2, 10-bit color.

Single Cable Solution

PoE++ compatibility offers power, control, and video signals over a single cable via your IP connection, saving the time and space of running multiple cables.

Versatile Control with NDI & Streaming Options

With support for Newtek’s NDI|HX protocol, the industry standard for IP transmission, the CR-X300 can fit seamlessly into an existing stadium, arena, or other venue NDI environment. It supports multi-streaming and live RTMP streaming to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and similar platforms. The flexible CR-X300 offers hardware, software, VISCA, RS-422 serial, and IP-based control options, enabling it to fit into a wide variety of existing production workflows. It also supports genlock and the new Canon XC protocol for easy integration with the company's EOS-series cameras.

Hybrid Autofocus

Canon fans will appreciate the Hybrid AF capabilities of this compact PTZ camera. Just like Canon cine cameras and select camcorders, the CR-X300 combines precise contrast AF and speedy phase-difference AF technology to produce quick and reliable focusing. It also offers Face Detection and Tracking functions to keep your subjects in focus automatically.

ND Filters

For locations with quickly changing light levels, use the CR-X300’s remote-control internal ND filters to quickly adjust your exposure. These optical ND filters cut the amount of light entering the camera and are available in up to 1/8 intensities internally and in a 1/32 external option.

Scene Modes

When you have to jump right into an event, the CR-X300 has four preset Scene Modes that let you get started shooting quickly. Choose from Sports mode for fast-paced action, Portrait mode for cine-style sharp focus fall-off, Low Light mode for dimmer environments, and Spotlight mode to feature isolated, brightly lit subjects.

IR Mode

For scenarios with minimal to no ambient light, the CR-X300 offers an IR (infrared) mode. This option enhances your low-light capture by taking the IR cut filter out of the camera’s optical path, thereby enabling infrared light to reach the camera sensor.

20x Optical Zoom

A Canon zoom lens with a wide 35mm equivalent 29.3 to 601mm zoom range lets you capture action at a range of distances, reducing or eliminating the need for a second camera using a longer lens. For true telephoto shots, activate the 20x digital zoom in addition to the 20x optical zoom for a total 400x zoom. Two types of image stabilization (optical and Powered IS) aid in steadying your shots.

PTZ Performance

The CR-X300’s pan/tilt/zoom performance highlights smooth, precise movements, quiet operation in Normal mode, and the option to create up to 100 presets for quick recall. This camera can be wall or ceiling mounted with wall mounts available in black or white.

Multi-Camera Use

Use the separately available RC-IP100 unit to control up to 100 cameras or use the Windows 10-based Remote Camera Control App to manipulate up to nine cameras simultaneously. The Camera Search Tool is another Windows app useful for setting up multiple cameras within an existing network environment.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

An IP65 housing rating lets you use the CR-X300 outside and a built-in wiper keeps your view clear even in rainy conditions. A built-in fan helps to dissipate heat so the aluminum body stays cool.

Canon provides a three-year warranty on the CR-X300 and has also introduced a new Pendant Mount for its CR-N300 PTZ Camera.

See now much you can capture with Canon PTZ cameras, especially in these socially distant times. And share which features of the CR-X300 you find most attractive in the Comments section, below.