Z CAM Announces the New E2-M4 4K Camera


From B&H Photo comes the announcement today of Z CAM’s newest camera, the E2-M4, a more affordable version of the E2 camera, well suited for on-set and remote work. Z CAM has been producing 4K cameras since its first action-camera-sized E1, now discontinued but fondly remembered. With the introduction of its E2 series of cameras, beginning in 2018, Z CAM stepped up its game, creating a variety of cameras suitable for use as the main cameras on professional cinema shoots, yet more accessible than many other digital cinema cameras. The E2-M4 continues in that tradition, descending directly from the flagship E2 camera with which it is essentially the same, lacking only the capability to sync directly to another camera. The E2-M4 does come with an interchangeable MFT mount, and, as with the other E-series Z CAM cameras, the E2-M4 will support 12-bit ProRes Raw recording over HDMI when used with select Atomos monitor-recorders.

Z CAM E2-M4 Professional 4K Cinema Camera (Micro Four Thirds)
Z CAM E2-M4 Professional 4K Cinema Camera

The E2-M4 is expected to be released early in June, and soon after, according to Z CAM, it will support RTMP, RTPS, and SRT livestreaming directly from the camera, without needing a computer. This upgraded capability will make the E2-M4 an attractive choice for anyone needing a camera flexible enough for cinematic shoots, with high-frame-rate capability in 4K, 10-bit internal, and 12-bit external recording, that can also stream live without a computer to facilitate connecting to Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming sites. The E2-M4 ships without an AC power supply, but other than that it ships with the same accessories as the E2 camera. So, if you are looking for the quality of the E2, with nearly the same versatility, while being a more affordable option, the E2-M4 camera is one to check out.

Top of Z Cam E2-M4
Top of Z Cam E2-M4

For more information on Z CAM cameras, visit the B&H Photo Website.