Zacuto Smart Z-Finder: Turn Your Smartphone into a Smart Camera


Now that smartphone cameras will soon exceed DSLR camera specs by providing higher resolution, professional functions, and a cinematic look and feel (yes, even Steven Spielberg is making films with his smartphone now), it has become necessary for accessories to help maximize your phone’s capabilities. Zacuto has the answer to monitoring comfort, accuracy, and quality with the new Smart Z-Finder, an electronic viewfinder designed specifically for smartphones.

Smart Z-Finder

Smart Z-Finder

Image Quality

The Smart Z-Finder is primarily a viewfinder—an eye loupe with a comfortable eye cup that blocks out light, glare, and reflections from your smartphone screen. It features an adjustable diopter to focus the image to suit your vision, and it can magnify the display to view more detail on the screen. It also features Zacuto’s effective anti-fog technology to ensure a crystal-clear image at all times.

Function and Access

The design is simple: it mounts directly on the smartphone display and covers the entire screen while keeping it clamped securely around the back of the phone. Its adjustable eye cup is designed to rotate for horizontal or vertical shooting, and there is easy access to the smartphone’s touchscreen. The structure of the loupe provides a more solid handgrip than just holding the smartphone alone, and a right-side hand strap keeps your grip secure.

Accessory Mounting

You can also add numerous accessories to the Smart Z-Finder to expand its professional capabilities. An Arca-type mount on the bottom provides quick and easy tripod mounting, and a standard shoe mount allows you to mount a light, a microphone, or other accessory on top. There are also multiple 1/4"-20 mounting threads for adding even more accessories or mounting extensions. Optional Zacuto accessories will become available for the Smart Z-Finder, such as the Marauder foldable camera rig, a bottom Director’s handgrip, a top Z-rail, or a Brow top shade for even better light blockage.

Do you have a smartphone that would benefit from the Smart Z-Finder? Let us know in the Comments section, below.