ZEISS Expands the Supreme Prime Lens Lineup


The Studio at B&H is happy to share with you the announcement of 10 new lenses and 4 lens sets that are joining the ZEISS Supreme Prime lens family, expanding the range and providing you with even more creative choices. The new lenses are mostly part of the Supreme Radiance Prime lens lineup, adding 18, 40, 65, and 135mm focal lengths to the seven existing Radiance lenses, with focus scales marked in feet or, for those who prefer, the 18, 40, 65, and 135mm are also available through B&H with focus scales marked in meters. In the short amount of time since their initial release, the Radiance Primes have gained favor among cinematographers for producing sharp images consistent with, though a touch warmer than, the Supreme Primes, but with the added ability to create and control lens flares, thanks to their T* blue lens coatings. This helps you create emotionally moving shots in camera, while maintaining creative control over the degree of flare you wish to introduce into the shot.

Although the T* blue coatings of the Radiance Primes help you in creating images evocative of vintage lenses, the lenses feature the same optical design, robust mechanical engineering, and physical characteristics as the Supreme Primes, with a consistent 95mm front (except the 18 and 135mm), PL mount, standard focus and iris gear positions, smooth mechanical operation, ZEISS eXtended Data Metadata system, and a 46.3mm image circle that easily covers full frame and larger. They are available now in three sets: the first seven, or the Sapphire set; the four newest that make up the Ruby set; and all 11 lenses, available in the Diamond set, marked in either feet or meters. While we are excited about the additions to the Radiance Primes, it is also worth noting that ZEISS has also announced that its Supreme Prime 40mm and 200mm are now available from B&H with focus scales marked in meters.

The introduction of the new Supreme Radiance Prime lenses marks an exciting time for those interested in clear crisp images for which ZEISS is known, with lens flares that can be used to create stunning imagery that recalls the great cinema of the past.

If you have any experience with, or comments about, the Supreme Primes or Supreme Radiance Primes, please feel free to leave your comments or questions in the Comments section, below.