Mic Shootout 1: Classic Large Diaphragm Condensers


Join Justin Colletti, from our partners at Sonic Scoop, as he puts some of the most sought-after and popular high-end large diaphragm condensers through their paces at Degraw Sound Studios, in Brooklyn. Singer/Songwriter Wes Hutchinson helps with the side by side comparisons of the AKG C414 XLII, the Neumann U87ai, the Neumann TLM 107, a Soyuz SU-017, and a vintage Sony C37. After the shootout, Colletti sits down with the guys at Degraw Sound and gets their impressions of the mics, along with a little shop talk. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com.




The beginning of this video was hard to listen to due to the buzz, not a sin to use post processing to get rid of it, say with iZotpoe RX. The Samples were howerver very clear. I have to agree with Jacob P's comments, liked the Soyuz on his vocals, the AKG C414 on guitar. I felt the second choice for the vocal was again the AKG, however the artist seemed to know how to work the mic better on this take, so proximity may have been a factor but it seemed to cut above the guitar better. None of these mics are bad and I would say any are usable. Using the Blue MoFi headphones for monitoring, they are great cans. Thanks for the shootout! Would be interesting to put one of the less expensive mics in the mix as well.

If I have to record this guy, I would choose the AKG for guitar and maybe the Soyuz for vocal. They're quite different and the Soyuz gives his voice an interesting color. Nice sound check, thanks!

Btw.: that noisey poor sound in the rest of video made those mics even better sounding :-)


Very helpful; video ,thanks...If I could afford it i would go Neuman they have been in studios I have been in ,I might have to shoot for the half sized one.vocals only for my use.