Ikan E-Image Tripods & Monopods


In the following video, Mia McCormick, from Kelby Media, explores the new E-Image line of tripods distributed by ikan. Breaking down the options into fluid heads and legs, this video showcases the differences between some of the different models and combinations available. McCormick also discusses the E-Image monopod, and accessories such as the half-ball adapter that allows you to use flat base video heads on 75mm bowl tripod legs. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at B&H .com




Why promote the 771 CT when your web site shows this product is discointinued! Disappointed.

Hi Alan -

This product is currently available:

The E-Image 771-CT Four-Section Extra Tall Carbon Fiber Tripod is a set of lightweight tripod legs that supports up to 55 pounds. It features a bowl style tripod head fitting that accepts both 75 and 100mm half ball base fluid heads, allowing you to mount the available head of your choice. It features carbon fiber construction so it is durable and lightweight at just seven pounds, while still being able to support up to 55 pounds of video head and camera.

The tripod legs feature a height range of 8 to 70", providing a wide height range from a single set of tripod legs. Each leg features independent height adjustment and spread with four pre-set positions, so no spreader is required. Each leg section features individual twist locks, and the feet are spiked for grip in soft surfaces, with rubber boots that spin-down to cover the spikes for placing on hard or delicate surfaces.

The head fitting of the legs accepts both 75 and 100mm ball base video heads.
The four-section, carbon fiber legs support up to 55 pounds and feature a minimum height of 8" with the legs fully spread and a maximum height of 70". The legs are independently adjustable in height, and each leg features pre-set angle stops, eliminating the need for a spreader.
Foam grips on each top leg section provide a comfortable way to grip the legs, and the individual twist locks secure the leg sections.

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